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26Re: [momspcvsn] Happy New Year

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  • Jacqueline Guyer
    Jan 2, 2007
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      Thanks for the update.  I was sorry the cute little animated doggy didn't show up wth the draft I sent you but my understanding is minimal about these things.  And the message was delivered so what the hey.  Our sons visited Meryl in Senegal and the pictures all loaded with a cursory commentary by Marc and Dean.  Meryl's goals were somewhat simple for her holiday season also, to go in as many directions as possible and return in one piece to the Dakar airport.  And, yea, they did it.  I hope we see Florence some day.  It's supposed to be a must see place and we may go in September.  What did you enjoy there?  Good to hear from you.  Our best to you all, Jacque

      On 1/1/07, e warren <warrentreut@...> wrote:

      Happy New Year e buon ano to all.  I am with Peter outside of Florence and our visit is almost over.  We have had a very Merry Christmas in Italy.  His goals on this vacation were simple:  "food and art."  We have been successful!  He had lost about 15 pounds as a result of eating much less and having a very high metabolism.  It is discouraging that at 125,I now weigh the same my son.  I hope all of you had the joy of being reunited and finding the time to reconnect with your pcv children.   Health, peace and joy in 2007. Cheers, E.

      Michele Coady <michelelc@...> wrote:


      On 12/23/06, Jacqueline Guyer <jacqueline.guyer@...> wrote:

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      I was feeling a little nosey,
      so I thought I would look in on you and see
      if you are sitting at your computer.

      Yup, there you are!

      Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   
      Jeannie and RED




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