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24Happy New Year

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  • e warren
    Jan 1, 2007
      Happy New Year e buon ano to all.  I am with Peter outside of Florence and our visit is almost over.  We have had a very Merry Christmas in Italy.  His goals on this vacation were simple:  "food and art."  We have been successful!  He had lost about 15 pounds as a result of eating much less and having a very high metabolism.  It is discouraging that at 125,I now weigh the same my son.  I hope all of you had the joy of being reunited and finding the time to reconnect with your pcv children.   Health, peace and joy in 2007. Cheers, E.

      Michele Coady <michelelc@...> wrote:

      On 12/23/06, Jacqueline Guyer <jacqueline.guyer@ gmail.com> wrote:

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      I was feeling a little nosey,
      so I thought I would look in on you and see
      if you are sitting at your computer.

      Yup, there you are!

      Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   
      Jeannie and RED




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