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  • Kathleen McArdle
    Nov 5, 2006
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      Hi everyone,
      This is Agfo Evan's mom checking in belatedly from Hastings-on-Hudson
      in NY. It's good to hear that the PCVs are all hanging in there, and
      that people are making plans to get together, as are we. Evan has
      decided to come home for Christmas, so I'm busy making a mental list
      of what used to be his favorite meals, as when asked what he'd like to
      do stateside, his only response was "eat".
      So now I think we will still try to visit Senegal next year, perhaps
      in March before it gets outrageously hot. We would like to see his
      village and meet some of the cast of characters, and don't know yet
      what to do with rest of the visit, but we'll get to plan a bit when he
      comes home. If anyone has tips on what to bring as small, useful
      gifts when meeting an extended host family, please pass them along.
      My other comment for anyone out there comes from the concerned parent
      part of my brain. Evan has mentioned and railed against the overly
      complex and spotty system for distributing meds, including malaria
      prophylaxis. That instead of just regularly supplying anti-malarials,
      request forms always have to be filled out and picked up by Peace
      Corps reps and then pills are distributed, except the system breaks
      down and the volunteers wind up borrowing from one another until a
      supply comes in. This is not very heartening, though I guess it has
      worked so far, but I am curious if it is a flaw in the Kaffrine area,
      where Evan is working, or if it is endemic. So if anyone has heard a
      similar story, I'd be curious to hear it.
      Regards to all, and I hope for a good holiday season for everyone.

      On 10/25/06, e warren <warrentreut@...> wrote:
      > Michele-
      > I know what you mean about the phone calls. Everytime I talk with Peter the
      > call always it puts me in the best mood. Usually I can only reach him on
      > the days that he goes to market as the cell-phone reception in his village
      > is minimal. He does not have electricity but tells me that if I sign up for
      > SKYPE, I can call him from my computer for 2 cents a minute.
      > As far as Italy goes, after doing some preliminary research we have narrowed
      > our travels to Rome for 4 or 5 days and then off to Florence for a week
      > where we will stay as a home base and travel Tuscany- from there we are
      > looking at more places than we have time but are considering Siena, Lucca,
      > Pisa, Ravenna, San Martino, Padua (a stretch but I want to see the Giotto's
      > there) as you can see, we will run out of time. Right now I am researching
      > pensione as I will be traveling with Petie and his brother. We don't want
      > to spend much on lodging.
      > I'm at work so I must run.
      > Cheers,
      > Edie
      > Michele Coady <michelelc@...> wrote:
      > Hi all,
      > We haven't done a lot on this site lately have we? I am sorry to hear
      > about Peter and I hope he continues to improve. I talked to Adam yesterday
      > which always makes my day! He seems to be doing well and we are trying to
      > figure out our January vacation plans when I will travel to Senegal for a
      > week and then we will go to either Greece or Italy. Edie, I would love to
      > hear about your plans for Italy in December since we can't make up our minds
      > at this point which place to go to.
      > Adam has a girlfriend - I think she is from the PC group that started the
      > cycle before. She is in a village fairly close to him so I think they see
      > each other every couple of weeks or so. Adam also has a puppy now since he
      > was really missing his dog at home.
      > Hope everyone on this alias is doing ok and your kids in Senegal are also
      > doing well.
      > thanks,
      > Michele
      > On 9/26/06, warrentreut <warrentreut@...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > Hello all,
      > > I'm just checking in. Peter has just spent a few weeks in sick bay at
      > > the headquarters in Dakar. It has been difficult being so far away and
      > > uncertain of the standards of the medical care that he received. Peter
      > > is now on the mend and I think he has returned to his village. Our
      > > plans are to meet up with him in Italy over Christmas. Sigh, I can't
      > > wait. It is hard to believe a year has gone by. I am to the point where
      > > I don't just want to see him I need to see him! He sounds great when I
      > > talk with him, loving his experience and is talking about staying on
      > > another year. (another big sigh!)
      > > We are from Providence, RI - don't konw if I ever shared that
      > > information.
      > > How are all of you doing- seems no one is active on this site anymore.
      > > Cheers. Edie
      > >
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