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11from Peter's mom

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  • e warren
    Mar 17, 2006
      Hi all-
      I agree that info-sharing helps to try to find the best way to stay in touch with our kids. I will let you know when I change over to AT&T if TM's get through any easier. I know that when Pete is in a city I do not have any problem talking on his cell phone. When he is in his village, the connection is sketchy at best.  I usually have to call him back 2-3x- that's ok iwththe calling card at 11cents but on my land line it is 71 cents and thus I do not call him direct from my house phone.
      Peter, Rob (his brother) and I live in RI.  And the rest of you? 
      I received a TM from Pete saying he had received the package that I mailed (in Jan) and that the start atlas I sent him was awesome. Made my day. - ON Megan's website, there are pictures in the photo gallery of the entire group back when they were all training in Thies. Cheers and Happy St. Paddy's. - Edie Warren 
      hele Coady <michelelc@...> wrote:
      It would be interesting (at least to me) to see where you all live and see if anyone is close to me. 
      Adam and I are from a small town near Seattle in the beautifully green and rainy Northwest :-)

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