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4185Re: Re: [mompowergroup] Taking Away "The Binky"

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  • wymzie@wymzie.com
    Mar 15, 2010
      Children have a need to suck to sooth themselves. If you are no longer
      breastfeeding and the child sleeps in their own bed and he can't write his
      name yet then don't stress it.
      I did it gradually. Only at nap time, when they got a boo boo, and when
      they are still sleepy heads after they wake up. Once they were up and
      about, it came out. Once the child starts talking around it take it out.
      Cold turkey is harsh I think, but I do like the build a bear idea.
      When I was weaning my daughter from hers she was in the car one day and
      was throwing a fit and she was shaking it and it flew out of the window.
      She saw it happen she realized that she did it and I said "it's gone" she
      didn't know you could buy more. She never cried for it again! My boys
      were not so easy..

      Good luck!!


      > I did all my kids cold turkey. One was kind of hard tho and with him I cut
      > the ends off of them and he didnt want them anymore. Guess it kind of
      > depends on how old your child is. Mine were young (all before 1)  so it
      > wasnt that big of a deal. Older ones may be a little harder.
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      > From: slojazz2001 <cin_how@...>
      > To: mompowergroup@yahoogroups.com
      > Sent: Sat, March 13, 2010 7:33:50 PM
      > Subject: [mompowergroup] Taking Away "The Binky"
      > Need ideas for taking away the Binky. My girlfriend just took her son to
      > the "Build A Bear" store and they put it inside the bear and had him
      > closed up. Now he can carry the bear with him and take him to bed for naps
      > and bedtime. This is "Cold Turkey" and not sure how it will go. Would love
      > to hear all your ideas.
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