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4182Re: [mompowergroup] cradle cap/ ring worm

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  • Alicia Brooks
    Mar 15, 2010
      If its moist tea tree oil will dry it out some plus its anti-bacterial which gets rid of fungus. Can u post a pic of it? Does it only happen around a certain time of year...does anything aggrivate it?

      Life, one day at a time

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      Subject: [mompowergroup] cradle cap/ ring worm
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      Date: Monday, March 15, 2010, 6:31 AM

      No its not ring worm. Having had to miss swimming all term and put up with large bandages on his leg I went back and saw a diff doc. This one said there was no way it was ring worm but didnt really give me any idea what it was. This year it seems more isolated to just the one leg and a small spot on his face, where last year it was spreading. I think I will have to insist I see the dermatologist at the hospital to get it completely cleared. I'm not sure T Tree oil would help.
      Sue H

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