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4181Re: Taking Away "The Binky"

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  • joan_of_archaeology
    Mar 15 1:42 PM
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      I did it cold turkey, too. When my oldest son was 18 months old, we just took it away one morning. We made a deal of it, though. We 'said byebye' to his soother and I had him put it in the garbage (it was at the point where it was time to throw it out, anyway). He cried for it a little bit at naptime, but other than that he doesn't miss it. Of course, my son only ever had it for naptime and bedtime so it wasn't that big a deal for him. My youngest is 6 months old and likes his soother a LOT more than his brother did and I think I may have more problems taking his away when it's time. :P

      I like the Build-A-Bear option, though. That seems like a nice thing to do, although I would make sure I had washed and re-sterilized the soother before sewing it up inside the bear. :)

      If your child is really attached to his/her soother (ie, uses it a lot and not just for napping and sleeping), then you might want to wean him/her off it a bit more slowly. Try by starting to only give it to him/her for naptime or bedtime. If he/she cries for it during the day, calmly tell them that the soother is for sleeping, but DON'T let them have it other than for sleep. After a little while (could be a couple days or a few weeks, depending on your child and how easy it was to take it away from them during non-sleep times), you should be able to take it away completely.

      --- In mompowergroup@yahoogroups.com, "slojazz2001" <cin_how@...> wrote:
      > Need ideas for taking away the Binky. My girlfriend just took her son to the "Build A Bear" store and they put it inside the bear and had him closed up. Now he can carry the bear with him and take him to bed for naps and bedtime. This is "Cold Turkey" and not sure how it will go. Would love to hear all your ideas.
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