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  • Stover, M
    Mar 10, 2010
      Nioxin shampoo works well.  It is way better than the danderuff shampoo my doctor recommended.  Plus, my son has a ton of hair now.  It is think also.
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      Wow there seem to be so many different remedies :). I think I will start with the ones I have in the house ( olive oil ) and go from there. Coconut oil sounds nice and would make her smell yummy too :). Though I could pass on a nutrogena bar to my 14 ydd who it seems is being attacked by acne all of a sudden. Ohhh those hormones!
      I was thinking of trying to make my own natural soap, but have been told its quite difficult.
      My 6 year old son has something that looks a lot like psoriasis on his leg. It comes in winter and goes in the summer. Last year one doctor said it was ring worm! It doesnt seem so bad this year - last year there were patches all over his arms, other leg and face. I'm wondering if natural soap would make any difference?
      Sue H

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