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Re: Taking Away "The Binky" Maybe the child could leave the binky for the easter bunny to take for the baby bunnies. My sister-in-law did that and the easter bunny left her all kinds of
Mar 24, 2010
cradle cap/ ring worm Hi Alicia It always flares up inwinter and pretty much dissapears in summer. It looks exactly like psoriasis which is what makes me think this is what it is.
Mar 24, 2010
Re: Taking Away "The Binky" I just took the binki away from both my two and three year old my two year old has really bad excema (sp) and its really irritated his upper lip its so bad it
Kristine Correa
Mar 20, 2010
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Re: Taking Away "The Binky" do  you still have the moon sign? please let me know ... From: Rachel Anderson Subject: Re: [mompowergroup] Re: Taking Away "The
Mar 19, 2010
Re: Taking Away "The Binky" Get a farmers Almanac. In there somewhere is a moon chart that tells when to plant, when to harvest, when to wean. wean by the moon sign. I think it is the new
Vickie Washburn
Mar 19, 2010
Re: Taking Away "The Binky" moon sign?     Rachel Marie Anderson ________________________________ From: Vickie Washburn To: mompowergroup@yahoogroups.com Sent:
Rachel Anderson
Mar 17, 2010
Re: Taking Away "The Binky" Children have a need to suck to sooth themselves. If you are no longer breastfeeding and the child sleeps in their own bed and he can't write his name yet
Mar 16, 2010
Re: Taking Away "The Binky" Do it by the moon sign. Works everytime. Has for centuries. _
Vickie Washburn
Mar 16, 2010
Re: cradle cap/ ring worm I know this may seem a little silly but how about eczema? The biggest ? is does it ever itch. If it does then that's a very good possibility I went from dr to
Mar 16, 2010
Re: cradle cap/ ring worm If its moist tea tree oil will dry it out some plus its anti-bacterial which gets rid of fungus. Can u post a pic of it? Does it only happen around a certain
Alicia Brooks
Mar 15, 2010
Re: Taking Away "The Binky" I did it cold turkey, too. When my oldest son was 18 months old, we just took it away one morning. We made a deal of it, though. We 'said byebye' to his
Mar 15, 2010
Re: Taking Away "The Binky" Does your child just use it when going to bed? If not I would start there. When I took my son off the binky I slowly did by bedtime 1st then only at night
Mar 15, 2010
Re: cradle cap I havn't tried tea tree oil for cradle cap yet, but another good use for tea tree oil is head lice. I used this on my 5 year old dauhter and myself (and I have
Mar 15, 2010
Re: Taking Away "The Binky" I did all my kids cold turkey. One was kind of hard tho and with him I cut the ends off of them and he didnt want them anymore. Guess it kind of depends on how
michelle mclauchlin
Mar 15, 2010
Taking Away "The Binky" Need ideas for taking away the Binky. My girlfriend just took her son to the "Build A Bear" store and they put it inside the bear and had him closed up. Now
Mar 15, 2010
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cradle cap/ ring worm Hi No its not ring worm. Having had to miss swimming all term and put up with large bandages on his leg I went back and saw a diff doc. This one said there was
Mar 15, 2010
Re: cradle cap Yes it does. It kills lots of things.  Only side affect I have seen is some people's skin will get a little red.  It is also very drying so after putting it
Vickie Washburn
Mar 12, 2010
Re: cradle cap Is tea tree oil known to kill fungi? I'm asking because I don't know. I see it recommended ALL the time in one of my pet groups, but several people have
Kirstie H
Mar 11, 2010
Re: cradle cap If it is truly ringworm use tea tree oil. Kills it right away ________________________________ From: SUSAN HAKE To:
Vickie Washburn
Mar 11, 2010
Celebrating us Women Although I'm 3days late with my greeting I still want to wish all Mom's a very Happy Women's Day. I know some of you may say everyday is women's day but we are
Mar 11, 2010
Re: cradle cap Nioxin shampoo works well. It is way better than the danderuff shampoo my doctor recommended. Plus, my son has a ton of hair now. It is think also. ...
Stover, M
Mar 11, 2010
cradle cap Wow there seem to be so many different remedies :). I think I will start with the ones I have in the house ( olive oil ) and go from there. Coconut oil sounds
Mar 10, 2010
Re: cradle cap Ale, You did very well.  I understood what you were saying wonderfully.  There were some small errors but those things come with time and more experience
Trisha Philippe
Mar 10, 2010
Re: craddle cap txu. i have that problem with my son right now. great timing robin
Mar 10, 2010
Re: craddle cap My oldest son had it pretty bad. It looked really gross. I was told by our family doctor to just rub some baby oil into his scalp, let it sit for 10 minutes or
Mar 10, 2010
Re: craddle cap my daughter had cradle cap til she was baby to 3 years old i tried everything and then when we were stationed to camp pendleton the doctor here on base told me
kelly ettinger
Mar 7, 2010
Re: Digest Number 318 Cradle cap should just be left alone, it is a temp. condition and you will only extend the time by agrevating the skin. If it is really dry, a little almond
Mar 7, 2010
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Re: craddle cap Hi, I agreed. Coconut oil works really well. Sometimes i use it also to reduce burning sensation caused by red chilly powder. Have a great day Fatiha ... From:
Fatiha Polin Babuly
Mar 7, 2010
Safety tips when checking labels for ingredients that contain harmfu ...   Check the Label! Are the products you use free of ingredients such as . . . ... fragrance > perfume > plant, fruit and nut oils Irritating
Mar 5, 2010
Re: craddle cap Agree with Jenny!  The best is (virgin) coconut oil.  Cheers, Prof. Lourdes M. Portus, PhD ________________________________ From: Jenny Morgan
Lourdes Portus
Mar 5, 2010
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