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  • gitceedadann
    Nov 30, 2007
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      ---I dont think so. The Abenaki had some what of a hand in King
      Philips war and it was with him. Pequot war, we might play that one by
      ear. Had not been asked yet to do Pequot war. Besides it might be a
      touchy one. Rog In moheganallies@yahoogroups.com, Jacob Konkapot
      <jkonkapot@...> wrote:
      > hmmm....Oh no way man...I will always serve Onontio.......Just have
      had this idea for awhile....to start a 17th C group.....that could
      portray a specifically English allied..Natives..I mean Uncas
      definately had his part to play in the Pequot and King Philips
      Wars....How about the Christian Indians from places like Natick? I
      think people even know less about them....
      > Should I even bother? I mean if we were asked, could we, or would
      we represent English allied Natives from time to time? What do you
      think big Chief?---john
      > gitceedadann <gitceedadann@...> wrote:
      > so john are you starting a new group or what, cant hang
      with the
      > french. it must be all that loveing with there faces thing.
      > ---------------------------------
      > Never miss a thing. Make Yahoo your homepage.
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