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The "neo" disaster

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  • lena_kiev
    Some months ago yahoo offered to beta-test new yahooMail web-interface (it has neo in URL). Then they forced everybody to it and LIED that users liked it:
    Message 1 of 42 , Aug 26, 2013
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      Some months ago yahoo offered to beta-test new yahooMail web-interface
      (it has "neo" in URL). Then they forced everybody to it and LIED
      that users liked it: read both article and comments to it:

      "neo" is from Greek, means "new, modern". yahoo management doesn't care
      that most users don't like new yahooMail web-interface. It's all
      about apparances, for stock gamble: in order for yahoo to APPEAR modern
      for stock traders who don't use yahoo, screw users.
      In order for yahoo mamagement to inflate the empty bubble of stock price,
      sell the stock and jump the ship.

      Earlier yahoo similarly ruined Calendar and other web-interfaces
      making them superficially similar to Gmail and its imitators,
      but nowere near the usability, browser compatilility and reliability.

      On August 7 some randomly chosen yahooIDs of some group owners were
      with neither consent nor announcement
      chosen for alpha test (it's too buggy to be named beta)
      of new ("neo" in URL) Groups' web-interface,
      opt-out impossible, requests to Customer Care for opt-opt denied.
      Later more random yahooIDs were forced to "neo groups", including
      ordinary members (who are neither owners nor moderators of any groups)
      and some users outside USA. It's per yahooID, not per group:
      some members see a group as normal, some others (minority YET)
      see the same group completely different. Users not Signed In see
      normal web-interface yet. Users forcibly chosen
      for the alpha-test see /neo/ in URL, others don't,
      attempts to remove (or add) the /neo/ in URL futile: the website redirects.
      Even some people who never used Groups before were chosen:
      when they joined their first group, they immediately saw it in "neo".
      But most new yahooIDs are untainted by "neo groups".
      If yours was tainted (if while Signed In you see the groups.yahoo.com website
      completely redesigned, not just different picture of yahoo logo)
      and you see groups.yahoo.com/neo/ in URL then you can escape "neo" YET:
      Sign Up for a new yahooID with your preferred non-@yahoo email address
      in the "Alternate Email" field (or add that email address in Account Info),
      verify the email address, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/memwiz ,
      transfer your groups to the new yahooID. Moderatorship and ownership
      is per email address, not yahooID. If the email address which owns
      or moderates some groups is @yahoo then at first transfer moderatorship
      to a non-yahoo email address, perhaps you'll be able to do that on the
      http://groups.yahoo.com/group/GROUPNAME/join page - specify
      exact group name instead of "GROUPNAME" and don't click links on the left,
      or you'll be taken to neo. If this doesn't work then you can
      join groups you own or moderate with new yahooID
      and ask other owners of moderators to make your new email address
      owner or moderator. If you cannot then try to use "neo groups" to do that,
      most probably you'll need to try different browsers - IE 10, Chrome,
      Firefox, Opera, iPad. If you see // near the end of URL like
      then delete one of these two // and press Enter.

      It's difficult to enumerate Groups features not implemented in "neo groups"
      because it's so buggy and browser-incompatible that
      completely unusable for most users.
      You can read the outcry on

      Lost features I already know of:
      expand messages;
      table of quantity of messages per month (on Home page in
      the normal Groups web-interface), nowhere in "neo";
      advanced search in messages;
      original size photos;
      editing pending messages;
      rejecting pending messages with notice to member;
      (possibly) search in logs;
      pictures embedded into group description;
      editing Database.
      Names and descriptions of photos, files and links truncated.
      Huge quantity of bugs.
      Much of info about group and members visible and editable on
      normal Groups web-interface is completely inaccessible in "neo".
      Please add details you know of.

      Apparently, even in rare cases of neither
      browser incompatibiluity nor webserver malfunction,
      when you go to messages (renamed "Conversations"),
      the "neo" web-interface tries to download more and more messages,
      even if there are over hundred thousand of them.
      After huge bandwidth waste, your browser will crash out of memory.

      This Groups website redesign is even worse than previous ones.
      Moreover, yahoo management forced "yahooMail neo" on every user,
      no reason to suppose that Groups will be different.

      When explaining this disaster to journalists, ask them
      to remind readers of "the new taste of Coca-Cola".

      Feel free to forward this, reproduce, reword, add, publish etc.
    • Jan Winspear
      Interesting - thanks David for the info but can you use a Database for listing members swap partners and what is the Photos section like - I always seem to
      Message 42 of 42 , Aug 30, 2013
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        Interesting – thanks David for the info but can you use a Database for listing members swap partners and what is the Photos section like – I always seem to have trouble uploading to my Facebook – maybe that is just me – once up the pictures are fine but I have always liked the way the photos are shown on the old Yahoo and for our purposes they are fine or were until now!!!  I will see if I can find a link to making a group on FB


        Best wishes



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        > I must confess although I am a
        > member of Facebook I am not too au fait with them - I just
        > use it to keep in touch with friends and family.

        A Facebook Page works differently from a Facebook Group, even though it has
        the same Look.

        You can set a Facebook Group to be Closed ie members need approval or

        Frankly while I quite loath 'ordinary' Facebook, I quite like Facebook
        I get notified of Posts by email, and can reply by email.
        It's not a patch on Yahoo Groups, but then it's a whole lot easier to
        And as Admin on a Group you get a whole lot of interesting Stats.

        David 1/2d

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