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Re: Apache::DBI and NameVirtualHost

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  • gb
    I use prefork mpm The connection string in a startup script of each site is Apache::DBI- connect_on_init( dbi:Oracle:SID , login1 , pass1 ,{ PrintError =
    Message 1 of 6 , Oct 27, 2005
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      I use prefork mpm
      The connection string in a startup script of each site is
      Apache::DBI->connect_on_init("dbi:Oracle:SID", "login1", "pass1",{
      PrintError => 0,AutoCommit => 0 });
      I change only login and password for different sites. So 5 different
      connection strings

      Interesting thing - raising the MaxClients value make the site work
      better, it doesn't hang, and I don't see errors on web pages, though it
      seems that amount of mistakes doesn't become smaller.

      Geoffrey Young wrote:

      >>>Apache::DBI will cache connections on a per-connection-string basis,
      >>>once in
      >>>each child process. so, if each connection to a database is made using a
      >>>different username each will be cached and you'll end up with
      >>>users*processes number of cached connections in total.
      >>The problem is that connection number is greater than users*processes! I
      >>have 5 db users(one for each of five sites) and MaxClients = 90 but the
      >>connection count can reach 500 limit easily on workload peaks and is
      >>willing to grow further! This sites are very heavyloaded indeed.
      >>I use Apache 2, mp2.0.1 and Apache::DBI -0.9901
      >are you using the worker or prefork mpm? are you certain that your connect
      >string is identical in each case (and that means identical - same AutoCommit
      >settings, same user/pass, same _everything_)?
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