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Re: Advocacy and Talking Points

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  • Steven Lembark
    -- Fred Moyer ... Because it s perl, not a substitute :-) One thing that means is that all of the Test::* modules are avaiable
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 23, 2005
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      -- Fred Moyer <fred@...>

      > Hi,
      > Yesterday I was asked about the viability of mod_perl ( and more
      > generally Perl web based solutions ) in scaling web based applications.
      > I have my own personal experiences with scaling mod_perl, and am well
      > versed with the best practices, case studies, and methodologies out there
      > in scaling mod_perl web apps.

      Because it's perl, not a substitute :-)

      One thing that means is that all of the Test::*
      modules are avaiable for valdating your modules
      and their output. If that doesn't seem like much,
      take a look at the recnet O'Reilly Programmers'
      Notebook on Perl Testing: from use_ok through
      data structures to doc coverage you can write
      automated tests.

      OK, so what?

      - How many sites have crashed in history due to
      lack of regression testing? Why the lack of
      regression tests? Usually they "take too long"
      or "are too complicated." Welp, with Test::Foobar
      you can use "prove blah" to run the tests singly.

      Combine this with FindBin::libs and a symlink
      or two and you can regression test a whole suite
      of modules in a single "make test". Better yet,
      you can "make test install" and be sure that the
      stuff doesn't go into production until it passes

      Perl also makes it easier than any other language
      I know of to mix heavily-OO code with functinal
      blocks. This gives you the best of both worlds:
      OO for re-usable code where it works and functional
      blocks at the top levels. The Test::* modules
      support both styles of coding well, which allows
      for complete coverage.

      Take a look at the Phalanx project's results for
      a good overview on the wonderfulness of testing
      in all its forms.

      All of this applies to Perl in general, but bringing
      it to web development is what mod_perl can do for you.

      Steven Lembark 85-09 90th Street
      Workhorse Computing Woodhaven, NY 11421
      lembark@... 1 888 359 3508
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