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[ANNOUNCE] mod_perl 2.0.2

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  • Philip M. Gollucci
    The URL http://perl.apache.org/dist/mod_perl-2.0.2.tar.gz has entered CPAN as file: $CPAN/authors/id/P/PG/PGOLLUCCI/mod_perl-2.0.2.tar.gz size: 3692744 bytes
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2005
      The URL


      has entered CPAN as

      file: $CPAN/authors/id/P/PG/PGOLLUCCI/mod_perl-2.0.2.tar.gz
      size: 3692744 bytes
      md5: ad0a509fd34e3b8452887d80a1d45dea

      No action is required on your part
      Request entered by: PGOLLUCCI (Philip M. Gollucci)
      Request entered on: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 01:25:43 GMT
      Request completed: Fri, 21 Oct 2005 01:27:24 GMT

      The package is also available from:

      http://apache.org/dist/perl/mod_perl-2.0.2.tar.gz.asc (pgp sig)

      Change since 2.0.1:

      add :proxy import tag to Apache2::Const which exposes new
      [Geoffrey Young]

      $0 Fixes : [Gozer]
      - Setting $0 works on Linux again
      - HP-UX and *BSDes show the correct process name instead of '-e'

      Fix a critical but trivial bug that would cause MP_MAINTAINER=1
      or MP_TRACE=1 builds to fail if not building against a threaded APR.
      Functions such as apr_os_thread_current() would not be linked in,
      but were expected to be.
      [Philip M. Gollucci]

      Add the output of ldd(unix/cygwin) and otool -L (darwin)
      for httpd to the mp2bug report script.
      [Philip M. Gollucci]

      Prevent tools such as Apache2::Status's Loaded Modules screen
      from displaying erroneous information about mod_perl.pm being loaded.
      [Stas, Philip M. Gollucci]

      Correctly set the version of ModPerl::MethodLookup, previously,
      it was not set because of the way it was Generating via ModPerl::WrapXS.
      [Philip M. Gollucci]

      Improve the detection of whether or not we are in an mp2 build tree.
      This allows usage of ExtUtils::MakeMaker options such as PREFIX to
      not break the probe of mp2 build trees.
      [Stas, Philip M. Gollucci]

      Add support for the newer Smaps (/proc/self/statm) on Linux
      systems that support it (i.e. linux-2.6.13-rc4-mm1)
      to accurately count the amount of shared memory.
      [Torsten Foertsch <torsten.foertsch gmx.net>]

      On cygwin some dlls might happen to be with identical base addresses
      and if you try to load both of them you'll get an error and you'll
      have to use the rebase utility to fix them. this fix should prevent
      this. [Nikolay Ananiev <ananiev@...>]

      Fix an undefined warning in DSO builds when not using MP_APXS.
      [Nikolay Ananiev <ananiev@...>]

      When running Makefile.PL with the MP_MAINTAINER=1 option
      add -Wdeclaration-after-statement if we are using gcc
      version 3.3.2 or higher and its not already part of the ccopts.
      [Philip M. Gollucci, Gozer]

      Several fixes to Apache2::Status
      [Philip M. Gollucci]

      When using Apache2::Reload and ReloadDebug is set to 'On',
      sort the output alphabetically [Philip M. Gollucci]

      croak in case a filter returns DECLINED after calling $f->read (as it
      is not supposed to happen) [Stas]

      another round of cygwin fixes [Nikolay Ananiev <ananiev@...>]

      Multiple fixes to make mod_perl 2.0 work with blead-perl (5.9.3+)

      t/modules/reload.t would fail if run more than 3 times, breaking
      smokes [Gozer]

      filter flushing now doesn't croak on connection reset
      (ECONNRESET/ECONNABORTED), but just logs the event on the 'info'
      level. [Stas]

      RPM Friendly builds : [Gozer]
      - make dist tarballs can now be built directly into RPMs with rpmbuild
      - Added a new target 'make rpm' to directly build rpms from a checkout

      What doesn't kill us can only make us stronger.
      Nothing is impossible.

      Philip M. Gollucci (pgollucci@...) 301.254.5198
      Consultant / http://p6m7g8.net/Resume/
      Senior Developer / Liquidity Services, Inc.
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