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Re: [MP2] Bug report - errors when compiling with MP_DEBUG flag

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  • Stas Bekman
    William McKee wrote: [...] ... certainly, it s a C define, which can t be seen from .la. I was just saying that .so has nothing to do with it. It s .la that s
    Message 1 of 8 , Jun 11, 2005
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      William McKee wrote:
      >>If you look at the linking command that you've pasted in the original
      >>report it had:
      >> /usr/local/src/httpd-2.0.54/srclib/apr/libapr-0.la
      >>which is the one that you need to check.
      > Actually, I had taken a look in that file but there's nothing being
      > defined in there.

      certainly, it's a C define, which can't be seen from .la. I was just
      saying that .so has nothing to do with it. It's .la that's linked.

      >>>I then grepped by mod_perl and httpd source directories for header files
      >>>which defined APR_HAS_THREADS. I changed srclib/apr/include/apr.h and
      >>>srclib/apr/include/apr.hnw then reconfigured mod_perl but it still
      >>Please find all occurences of apr.h and check the value of APR_HAS_THREADS.
      > OK, I ran the following command and have found the file which set that
      > value to 1:
      > find / -name *apr.h -print -exec grep APR_HAS_THREADS {} \;
      > After setting it to 0, I reran the build process. That appears to be
      > working now but I'm still having some problems with tests failing :(.
      > The important thing is the debug flags should be on for this build. I
      > can live with some of the tests failing.

      I'd suggest to nuke all occurences of Apache and libapr, clean your system
      completely and then start from scratch.

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