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Re: Net::SSLeay fails in mod_perl 1.29 - works from the shell

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  • David Oberlitner
    ... Perrin, Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I granted user nobody a bash shell via /etc/passwd and executed su - noboby . Then executed the test
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 30, 2004
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      Perrin Harkins wrote:

      >On Sun, 2004-11-28 at 23:19 -0700, David Oberlitner wrote:
      >>The following code:
      >> use Net::SSLeay qw(post_https make_form);
      >> my ($page, $response, %reply_headers) = post_https('ssl.aspidon.net',
      >>443, '/test.html', '', make_form(var1 => 'one', var2 => 'two' ));
      >> print "$response\n";
      >>When executed in mod_perl yields this error:
      >> response : HTTP/1.0 900 NET OR SSL ERROR
      >> SSL_connect 8810: 1 - error:140D308A:SSL
      >>routines:TLS1_SETUP_KEY_BLOCK:cipher or hash unavailable
      >>When executed from a shell it works.
      >Usually this means there is an issue with environment, user permissions,
      >or different versions of libraries or Perl executables.
      >>A few things I have tried:
      >> o Modified nobody's %ENV with the successful shell user's %ENV
      >> o Compiled from source: mod_perl-1.29, apache_1.3.33, openssl-0.9.7e,
      >> o Tested on x86 Linux and sparc Linux platforms with similar
      >>configurations and identical results
      >Those are all good ideas. I would also suggest verifying that the perl
      >binary is the same from command-line as it is from mod_perl. You could
      >try becoming the user who you run mod_perl as (typically "nobody") and
      >running the command-line version to see if it breaks from permissions.
      >- Perrin

      Thank you for your reply and suggestions.

      I granted user nobody a bash shell via /etc/passwd and executed "su -
      noboby". Then executed the test script with success. In a second
      attempt I reinitialized the %ENV in the shell script one for one from
      the mod_perl %ENV output and still had success in the shell as user nobody.

      "Perl -V" from both environments yielded zero differences. I can only
      find a single perl binary on the system "/usr/bin/perl -> perl5.8.4".

      I have implemented LWP's HTTPS post functionality with succes. For now
      this is a necessary workaround. I will respond to the list if I ever
      find the source of my problem.

      Thank you again.


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