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CPAN cleanup

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  • Geoffrey Young
    hi all... if you have a module on cpan in the Apache:: namespace, please take a moment to consider cleaning house a bit by removing all but, say, the current
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 10, 2004
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      hi all...

      if you have a module on cpan in the Apache:: namespace, please take a moment
      to consider cleaning house a bit by removing all but, say, the current
      version and one version back of a particular module.

      you can do this by visiting pause


      please note that this is in no way a mandate. but doing so helps keep
      current CPAN to a reasonable size, and also gives people looking for modules
      less cruft to sift through (my particular issue today :)

      for the record, pause.cpan.org has this to say when you delete a module:

      "Note: to encourage deletions, all of past CPAN glory is collected on

      anyway, below is a list of modules that have more than 2 versions on CPAN at
      the moment. if one of these is yours, please give some thought to whether
      those old versions are really worth making available to the general public.


      Apache-Admin-Config (24 versions)
      Apache-MP3 (23 versions)
      Apache-Gallery (13 versions)
      Apache-Htpasswd (12 versions)
      Apache-Language (11 versions)
      Apache-AuthNetLDAP (10 versions)
      Apache-SessionManager (10 versions)
      Apache-AuthCookie (10 versions)
      Apache-PAR (9 versions)
      Apache-App-Gallery-Simple (9 versions)
      Apache-ParseFormData (9 versions)
      Apache-Session (8 versions)
      Apache-SearchEngineLog (8 versions)
      Apache-SharedMem (8 versions)
      Apache-SetWWWTheme (7 versions)
      Apache-ProxyScan (7 versions)
      Apache-Singleton (7 versions)
      Apache-CVS (7 versions)
      Apache-PageKit (7 versions)
      Apache-GeoIP (6 versions)
      Apache-Wyrd (6 versions)
      Apache-DBILogin (6 versions)
      Apache-ConfigParser (6 versions)
      Apache-Dynagzip (6 versions)
      Apache-AxKit-Plugin-Session (6 versions)
      Apache-AxKit-Language-Svg2AnyFormat (6 versions)
      Apache-AuthenN2 (5 versions)
      Apache-Motd (5 versions)
      Apache-MiniWiki (5 versions)
      Apache-Request-Redirect (5 versions)
      Apache-Template (5 versions)
      Apache-Perldoc (5 versions)
      Apache-NavBarDD (5 versions)
      Apache-Cache (5 versions)
      Apache-ErrorControl (5 versions)
      Apache-SimpleTemplate (5 versions)
      Apache-AutoIndex (5 versions)
      Apache-FileManager (5 versions)
      Apache-Queue (5 versions)
      Apache-DBI (5 versions)
      Apache-AuthenCache (5 versions)
      Apache-Album (5 versions)
      Apache-ProxyStuff (5 versions)
      Apache-Recorder (5 versions)
      Apache-Session-Lazy (4 versions)
      Apache-TieBucketBrigade (4 versions)
      Apache-Session-PHP (4 versions)
      Apache-Test (4 versions)
      Apache-ASP (4 versions)
      Apache-AuthenNIS (4 versions)
      Apache-AuthenURL (4 versions)
      Apache-AuthzNetLDAP (4 versions)
      Apache-AntiSpam (4 versions)
      Apache-AuthenNISPlus (4 versions)
      Apache-AxKit-Provider-File-Syntax (4 versions)
      Apache-AuthCookieNTLM (4 versions)
      Apache-Gateway (4 versions)
      Apache-AuthenSmb (4 versions)
      Apache-AuthenSecurID (4 versions)
      Apache-RSS (4 versions)
      Apache-Gestinanna (3 versions)
      Apache-ImageMagick (3 versions)
      Apache-Mailtrack (3 versions)
      Apache-OWA (3 versions)
      Apache-BruteWatch (3 versions)
      Apache-VMonitor (3 versions)
      Apache-No404Proxy (3 versions)
      Apache-UploadMeter (3 versions)
      Apache-AntiSpam-JavaScript (3 versions)
      Apache-Compress (3 versions)
      Apache-Authen-Program (3 versions)
      Apache-MultiAuth (3 versions)
      Apache-ACEProxy (3 versions)
      Apache-DB (3 versions)
      Apache-DumpHeaders (3 versions)
      Apache-AuthenPasswd (3 versions)
      Apache-XPP (3 versions)
      Apache-TinyCP (3 versions)
      Apache-AliasList (3 versions)
      Apache-MagicPOST (3 versions)
      Apache-CustomKeywords (3 versions)
      Apache-Scoreboard (3 versions)
      Apache-ProxyPass (3 versions)
      Apache-GD-Thumbnail (3 versions)
      Apache-AuthCAS (3 versions)
      Apache-AuthzPasswd (3 versions)

      Report problems: http://perl.apache.org/bugs/
      Mail list info: http://perl.apache.org/maillist/modperl.html
      List etiquette: http://perl.apache.org/maillist/email-etiquette.html
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