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RE: Request methods not found

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  • Martin Moss
    Having Just re-read your reply, (don t ask, waiting for a machine sync to finish, bored...!) I noticed that you said you didn t get an apache Object at all.
    Message 1 of 7 , Nov 2, 2004
      Having Just re-read your reply, (don't ask, waiting
      for a machine sync to finish, bored...!) I noticed
      that you said you didn't get an apache Object at all.

      This is behaviour I've seen myself, and I never got a
      decent understanding of why it happens?

      So does anybody know under what circumstances it's
      possible to NOT get an Apache object passed into your
      handler subroutine?

      Does this happen when a subrequest occurs?



      --- Marina Markus <mary@...> wrote:
      > Hello and many thanks to Martin and Geoffrey,
      > Martin was right - using "Dump" revealed that only
      > "Our::Auth" was passed as
      > an input variable (and the request was not passed at
      > all). After I changed
      > "PerlAuthenHandler Our::Auth->authen_handler" to
      > "PerlAuthenHandler
      > Our::Auth::authen_handler", the handler started to
      > get the request as the
      > first variable.
      > If Martin can give such exact advices after a bad
      > night, I ask what wonders
      > he can do when he is OK :)
      > Thanks a lot to Geoffrey for Apache-Test, it looks
      > very helpful.
      > -Marina
      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Geoffrey Young
      > [mailto:geoff@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, November 02, 2004 3:09 PM
      > To: Marina Markus
      > Cc: modperl@...;
      > martin_moss@...
      > Subject: Re: Request methods not found
      > > This code works OK in RedHat but cannot find
      > "get_basic_auth_pw" in SGI.
      > > Still, my feeling is that that something simple
      > but imporant is omitted
      > > in the code.
      > no, the code looks fine. the issue isn't that
      > get_basic_auth_pw() can't
      > generally be found, but that $r isn't an Apache
      > object, so your code is
      > looking in the wrong place. and you could be
      > looking in the wrong place
      > through no fault of your code at all - as martin
      > suggested, you are probably
      > using method handlers without knowing it.
      > besides the (good) advice that martin gave in his
      > post, a really, really
      > good way to track this down would be to use
      > Apache-Test. not that you are
      > required to do this, but if you're interested in
      > spending the up-front time
      > to learn something new that will save you _lots_ of
      > time in the future, give
      > this a whirl...
      > first, install Apache-Test from CPAN:
      > http://search.cpan.org/dist/Apache-Test/
      > then download this sample tarball:
      > and tweak the distribution so that your handler is
      > activated (follow the
      > README to get started). then try this:
      > $ perl Makefile.PL -httpd
      > /path/to/your/apache/bin/httpd
      > $ make
      > $ t/TEST -conf
      > $ t/TEST -start
      > and you can use your browser (or lynx or whatever)
      > to hit
      > http://localhost:8529/ and see your handler in
      > action. you could also take
      > the time to tweak bug.t to act as a client for you.
      > the benefit here is that you now have a pristine
      > environment with nothing
      > attached to it except the code in question, and you
      > can roll up your code
      > (via make dist) and try it on different boxes. you
      > can even post a link to
      > the tarball you have made for developers here to
      > try, which would save
      > iterations of 'what's the code? what's the
      > configuration?" and so on.
      > now, if you don't do all of that, never fear - we're
      > still here to help :)
      > but it's something to keep in mind as you go forward
      > with mod_perl related
      > things. Apache-Test is a wonderful development
      > tool, so taking the time to
      > get familiar with it will reap many, many benefits
      > in the long term.
      > >>well, that message says that it can't find
      > get_basic_auth_pw() via
      > >>Our::Auth. it should be looking for it via the
      > Apache class, not
      > >>Our::Auth.
      > >
      > >
      > > What checks can I do to see if Apache class is
      > seen by mod_perl?
      > it is, or the 'use Apache' call would die.
      > HTH
      > --Geoff

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