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[ANNOUNCE] mod_perl 1.99_17

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  • Philippe M. Chiasson
    mod_perl 1.99_17 is out: http://apache.org/dist/perl/mod_perl-1.99_17.tar.gz http://apache.org/dist/perl/mod_perl-1.99_17.tar.gz.asc (gpg sig) CPAN: file:
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 22, 2004
      mod_perl 1.99_17 is out:

      http://apache.org/dist/perl/mod_perl-1.99_17.tar.gz.asc (gpg sig)


      file: $CPAN/authors/id/G/GO/GOZER/mod_perl-1.99_17.tar.gz
      size: 1368804 bytes
      md5: ffb9d5c825b93d91e6c3a8885f7d5296

      Changes since 1.99_16:

      Implement Apache->unescape_url_info in Apache::compat and drop it
      from the official API for CGI::Util::unescape() as a suggested
      replacement [Gozer]

      fix xs_generate to croak on duplicate entries in xs/maps files
      [Christian Krause <chkr plauener.de>]

      Workaround a possible bug in Perl_load_module() [Gozer]

      Fix a problem building with non-GNU make (can't make target dynamic
      in xs/APR/aprext) [Gozer]

      escape HTML in dumped variables by Apache::Status [Markus Wichitill

      $r->document_root can now be changed when safe to do so [Gozer]

      APR::Bucket->new now requires an APR::BucketAlloc as its first argument.
      New subs added: APR::Bucket::setaside, APR::Bucket::alloc_create,
      APR::Bucket::alloc_destroy, APR::Brigade::bucket_alloc. [joes]

      reimplement APR::Pool life-scope handling, (the previous
      implementation had problems) [joes]

      make sure that Apache::Filter::read, APR::Socket::recv,
      Apache::RequestIO::read, APR::Brigade::flatten, and APR::Bucket::read
      all return tainted data under -T [Stas]

      tag the custom pools created by mod_perl for easier pools debug [Joe

      fix a bug in non-ithreaded-perl implementation where the cached
      compiled CODE refs of httpd.conf-inlined one-liner handlers like:
      PerlFixupHandler 'sub { use Apache::Const qw(DECLINED); DECLINED }'
      didn't have the reference count right. [Stas]

      per-server PerlSetEnv and PerlPassEnv values are properly added
      to %ENV when only a per-directory handler is configured.
      [Geoffrey Young]

      resolve several 'Use of uninitialized value in...' warnings in
      Apache::Status [Stas].

      make install and static build now correctly installs mod_perl as
      well as the statically built apache [Gozer]

      if some code changes the current interpreter's tainted state to on,
      the return value from the handler callback will be tainted, and we
      fail to deal with that. So revert to coercing any return value, but
      undef (a special case for exit()). to IV, so that tainted values are
      handled correctly as well. [Stas]

      make sure that each handler callback starts with a pristine
      tainted-ness state, so that previous callback calls won't affect the
      consequent ones. Without this change any handler triggering eval or
      another function call, that checks TAINT_PROPER, will crash mod_perl
      with: "Insecure dependency in eval while running setgid. Callback
      called exit." farewell message [Stas]

      make sure that 'make distclean' cleans all the autogenerated files

      $r->log_reason has been ported and moved out of Apache::compat

      APR::OS::thread_current renamed APR::OS::current_thread_id and
      now returns the actual thread_id instead of an object that
      needed to be dereferenced to get at the thread_id [Gozer]

      change a bunch of the APR:: constants to have a better prefix
      (APR::FILETYPE_* and APR::FILEPROT_). libapr will be changed soon too

      Generate modperl_exports.c for static builds to prevent the
      linker from stripping needed but unused symbols [Gozer]

      Add .libs/ as part of the library search path when building
      against httpd's source tree [Gozer]

      In the static build, run make in httpd's srclib/ early to have
      generated files present at mod_perl configure time [Gozer]

      When searching for ap(r|u)-config in httpd's source tree, search
      into srclib/apr-util as well as srclib/apr [Gozer]

      Remove APR::Finfo::pool as it has no use to us [Stas]

      get PerlSetVar and PerlAddVar multi-level merges to (finally) work
      properly. [Rici Lake <rici ricilake.net>]

      MP_AP_BUILD configure option removed. Now implicit when MP_USE_STATIC
      is specified [Gozer]

      Apache::Module $mod->version() and $mod->minor_version() renamed
      to $mod->ap_api_major_version() and $mod->ap_api_minor_version
      for clarity [Gozer]

      Apache::Log changes: [Stas]
      - moved to compat: Apache::warn, Apache->warn, Apache::Server->warn,
      - re-enabled $r->warn
      - removed support for Apache::ServerRec->warn
      (Apache::ServerRec::warn is still there)

      Apache::Directive conftree() changed from class method to
      regular subroutine [Gozer]

      Apache::Module top_module() and get_config() as class methods
      added to Apache::compat for backwards compatibility [Gozer]

      Apache::Module top_module() and get_config() changed from class
      methods to regular subroutines [Gozer]

      Added Apache::CmdParms::add_config() to work around a memory
      leak discovered with <Perl> sections in .htaccess files [Gozer]

      Added ModPerl::Util::unload_package() to remove a loaded package
      as thoroughly as possible by clearing it's stash. [Gozer]

      fix Apache->request($r) to be set-able even w/: PerlOptions
      -GlobalRequest [Stas]

      Add Apache::Reload->unregister_module() to explicitely remove a
      module from Apache::Reload's monitoring list [Gozer]

      introduce a custom modperl error message for failing filter handlers
      (previously 'unknown error' coming from rc=500 was logged) [Stas]

      Fix Apache::Log methods/functions to log into the vhost's error_log
      file (if there is one). ( $s->log->*, $s->log_error, $s->log_serror,
      Apache::ServerRec::warn, etc.). Apache::ServerRec can now export its
      warn function to override CORE::warn [Stas]

      Fix $s->log->*, $s->log_error and $s->log_serror to again log into the
      vhost's error_log file (if there is one). [Stas]

      $s->log->warn and other $s->log->foo are now logging to the right
      vhost server and not the global one. modperl_sv2server_rec was
      broken. [Stas]

      Fix a glue_pod make target bug, when .pm file doesn't exist,
      e.g. ThreadMutex.pm is not created on unless
      $apr_config->{HAS_THREADS} [Stas]

      Introduce APR::Socket::poll to poll a non-blocking socket [Ken Simpson

      Fix the error message when the minimal required httpd version is not
      satisfied [Pratik <pratiknaik@...>]

      Fix interactive prompting at perl Makefile.PL, when no APXS or
      MP_AP_PREFIX were provided. now asking for an alternative location if
      the suggested choices weren't selected. [Stas]

      Added APR::URI->rpath method. Returns the path of an uri minus
      path_info, if any. [Gozer]

      moved Apache::current_callback() to ModPerl::Util::current_callback
      where it belongs [Gozer]

      modperl_perl_module_loaded() fixed to use %INC to determine if a module
      is loaded instead of checking for the existence of a stash [Gozer]

      fix the modperl build, where httpd has been built against separate
      installations of apr-util and apr, where apr-util has been installed
      with a different includedir to apr. [Joe Orton]

      $Apache::Server::SaveConfig is now $Apache::PerlSections::Save
      [Geoffrey Young]
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