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Re: Apache::MP3 Stream problem

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  • Lincoln Stein
    My version of the port isn t quite working. Probably another couple of weekends to get all the bugs ironed out. I was really hoping to have the streaming
    Message 1 of 3 , Jun 2, 2004
      My version of the port isn't quite working. Probably another couple
      of weekends to get all the bugs ironed out. I was really hoping to
      have the streaming video working fully, but maybe that'll wait for


      On Tuesday 01 June 2004 06:12 pm, Stas Bekman wrote:
      > [CC'ing Lincoln]
      > HHH3@... wrote:
      > > Hello,
      > > This is my first question to the mod_perl list so I hope I do it
      > > right. I have recently ported Apache::MP3 to work with mod_perl 2
      > > on an apache2 webserver. Everything works right (display,
      > > downloading, etc) except the
      > I wonder how many people have ported this module to mp2 already :)
      > Lincoln, any chance you can release the ported version into the
      > wild?
      > > streaming...sometimes. It seems that the first time a user logs
      > > on to the site and clicks 'Stream' on any directory or file, it
      > > will work, but any attempts after that it goes to a standard 404
      > > playlist.m3u page not found error. That's all there is in the
      > > Apache log as well. Sometimes it won't stream at all and
      > > sometimes it will work more than once. Any ideas as to why this
      > > would happen? One thought I had was that the shared files are on
      > > a separate windows box and are shared via Samba. If the playlist
      > > is actually temporarily created then there might be a permission
      > > problem with the directories shared via Samba and the webserver
      > > is not allowed to create a file there. However, sometimes the
      > > streaming does work so I'm not sure if that make sense. I've
      > > taken a class in perl but I don't know it well enough to tell if
      > > the m3u file is actually created somewhere or just sent directly
      > > to the user. I'd give out a user/pass to the site but that might
      > > be bordering on illegal because the music can be downloaded. If
      > > somone thinks they need access then I'll figure out a way to
      > > disable the downloading but allow the streaming so it can be
      > > tested.
      > Most likely you want to ask Lincoln about Apache::MP3 issues.
      > In the future please always try to contact the author of the module
      > that you have a problem with, before emailing this list. Thank you.

      Lincoln D. Stein
      Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
      1 Bungtown Road
      Cold Spring Harbor, NY 11724

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