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Re: [mp2] 1.99_14: socket problem

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  • Stas Bekman
    Jie Gao wrote: [...] ... Interesting. I suppose it s because it s doing eval sub { %ENV = () } before running the code. So may be the interpolation kicks in?
    Message 1 of 18 , Jun 1, 2004
      Jie Gao wrote:
      >>[Sat May 29 21:43:08 2004] [error] [client 129.xxx.xxx.xxx] Undefined subroutine main::129.xxx.xxx.xxx called at
      >>line 0\n
      >>Looks definitely like %ENV problem, although it only shows in the error_log.
      > I've found what caused this. The culprit seems to be this sub in my httpd.conf:
      > PerlCleanupHandler "sub { %ENV = () }"
      > I commented out and the error went away.

      Interesting. I suppose it's because it's doing eval "sub { %ENV = () }" before
      running the code. So may be the interpolation kicks in?

      > ModPerl::EazyLife actually causes segmentation fault.

      It's quite possible. It was a work in progress, but wasn't quite finished.
      Feel free to improve it further and when it works, replace Apache::porting
      guts with it.

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