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Re: Testing failures not necessarily actual failures for a given installation

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  • Stas Bekman
    ... There is no such dedicated documentation, but you can ask. The top level directory of the test indicates the functionality that it s being tested. So
    Message 1 of 2 , Mar 29, 2004
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      Kinyon, Rob wrote:
      > It's been indicated to me that many of the tests which may or may not
      > fail may not indicate that MP is unusable for a given installation. Are
      > there any docs to explain what feature a given test tests? Or, is there
      > a way of indicating to "make test" which features you actually care
      > about?

      There is no such dedicated documentation, but you can ask. The top level
      directory of the test indicates the functionality that it's being tested. So
      looking at the list of the reported by you failures:

      t/apr-ext/uuid.t 255 65280 3 3 100.00% 1-3
      t/filter/both_str_con_add.t 4 3 75.00% 2-4
      t/protocol/echo.t 22 5632 3 2 66.67% 2-3
      t/protocol/echo_filter.t 22 5632 3 2 66.67% 2-3

      t/apr-ext is for using perl glue APR:: API outside mod_perl, which is far from
      being usable at the moment and you don't need it for mod_perl.

      t/protocol is for testing the non-HTTP protocol functionality. If you don't
      write/use protocol modules you shouldn't care about it. You always have the
      HTTP protocol.

      some tests try to test a feature which relies on another feature, so in case
      of t/filter, which is a group of tests to test filters, the test
      t/filter/both_str_con_add.t was relying on the protocol module, but it by no
      means indicates that you can't use filters, since we know that it's the
      protocol module (sockets) that you have the problem with.

      Therefore if you don't use protocols and don't use external APR api, you are
      just fine. Nevertheless it'd be great to resolve the other failing tests if
      you can help.

      BTW, you also need to run 'make test' inside the ModPerl-Registry directory to
      complete the test suite. It's normally run automatically when the first 'make
      test' succeeds. We are considering to run it regardless the success of the
      first one.

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