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Re: GIF contents not "coming out"

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  • Stas Bekman
    Hi Chris, Finally I ve got a chance to analyze your problem. ... mod_perl wasn t doing anything like that. The problem was in the contents of favicon.ico. .ico
    Message 1 of 5 , Mar 3, 2004
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      Hi Chris,

      Finally I've got a chance to analyze your problem.

      > The "GIF" isn't actually a GIF at all - it was the "favicon.ico" icon
      > file - so my guess is that mod_perl is sneaking a peek at what comes
      > next (expecting GIF89a or whatever) and doing something wrong when
      > that 'aint it. I realize I shouldn't be saying "image/gif" in this
      > case, but then - mod_perl shouldn't be screwing up my headers just
      > 'coz of that mistake?

      mod_perl wasn't doing anything like that. The problem was in the contents of
      favicon.ico. .ico files seem to start with the sequence \000\000 and mod_perl
      2.0 had a bug dealing with parsing printed headers immediatelly followed by
      response body starting with '\0'. I've reduced your test to a one liner script:

      print "Content-type: image/x-icon\n\n\000\000\001\000";

      It's now fixed in the cvs.

      > On a personal note - I think the whole mod_perl header system should
      > have been omitted. If a script wants to send the headers, it should
      > be allowed to, without interference. Making people learn an
      > indeterminate number of new custom non-standard callbacks like
      > "content_type()" and whatever the ones are for caching, p3p, cookies,
      > accept, encoding, charsets, and so forth is silly - since everyone who
      > knows they're needed already knows how to send them normally - hence
      > the extra bunch of callback stuff just wastes everyone's time. Just
      > my $0.02...

      Nobody prevents you from printing your own headers. It's just much slower. I
      just wrote a new docs section explaining the differences and nuances of
      headers generating:

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