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Re: [mp2] [MDL] setting cookies without Apache::Request

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  • Stas Bekman
    ... 3.01 was released on 10 Dec 2003. You should use 3.01 with mp2. __________________________________________________________________ Stas Bekman
    Message 1 of 6 , Dec 31 12:33 PM
      Geoffrey Young wrote:
      > Curtis Jewell wrote:
      >>Thanks! CGI::Cookie should work just fine. (I can't precalculate the
      > cookies, I have 200 usernames that could be used.)
      > :)
      >>(You're right. Turns out the test machine was 2.0.40 (a RH9 machine) and
      > that's why I couldn't use it. But they would like me to avoid it if I can -
      > one less thing to install, you know?.)
      >>One other question... could I use the newest versions of CGI.pm to get
      > POST or GET parameters to a 2.0 handler (I have another one that uses that
      > capability) or am I stuck with Apache::Request for that, too?
      > CGI.pm 3.00 should be ok for most things. I think there are still some POST
      > issues, but I'm (now) not exactly sure what they are - you can check the
      > archives or the mod_perl test suite and see (the test suite expects the yet
      > unreleased 3.01). GET works fine as far as I know.

      3.01 was released on 10 Dec 2003. You should use 3.01 with mp2.

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