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[ANNOUNCE]: Apache::Test 1.04

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  • Stas Bekman
    The uploaded file Apache-Test-1.04.tar.gz has entered CPAN as file: $CPAN/authors/id/S/ST/STAS/Apache-Test-1.04.tar.gz size: 90206 bytes md5:
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 29, 2003
      The uploaded file


      has entered CPAN as

      file: $CPAN/authors/id/S/ST/STAS/Apache-Test-1.04.tar.gz
      size: 90206 bytes
      md5: f293093cde16b234b815ce63756dad19

      Changes since v1.03:

      if the server stops reading from the client before it has sent all its
      data, Apache::TestClient (which is used when LWP is not available)
      would just die without any error message (5.8.1) because no SIGPIPE
      handler was setup and the Broken Pipe error was missed. Replacing
      'print $s' with $s->send() solves this problem: Apache::TestClient
      will just move on without bailing out. [Stas]

      if env var APACHE_TEST_PRETEND_NO_LWP is true, Apache::Test will
      pretend that LWP is not available. useful for testing whether the test
      suite will survive on a system which doesn't have libwww-perl
      installed. [Stas]

      Apache::TestSmoke provides a new mode: -bug_mode, which runs an
      equivalent of plain 't/TEST' but generates a lot of useful debug
      information, in addition to matching the core files to the tests that
      caused them. [Stas]

      Apache::TestSmoke now scans for core files, just like Apache::TestRun
      does [Stas]

      Allow the creation of name based virtual hosts by supplying
      <VirtualHost servername:module> containers in .conf.in$ files.
      [André Malo]

      fix Apache::TestSSLCA to generate a separate index.txt file for each
      module, as on certain platforms openssl fails to re-use the same
      file. [Stas]

      remove the unused example section from t/conf/extra.conf.in, it made
      an assumption that mod_auth is available [Stas]

      in the autogenerated t/conf/httpd.conf include mod_alias and mod_mime
      loading, in case they were built as a shared object and wasn't loaded
      from the system-wide httpd.conf from which Apache::Test inherits the
      config. [Stas]

      added have_apache_mpm() function [Geoffrey Young]

      when moving test-specific config directives from __DATA__ to
      httpd.conf don't use hash, or the order of arguments is not
      preserved. Thanks to perl-5.8.1 for randomizing the hash seed, which
      has exposed the bug by breaking the test suite. [Stas]

      when the tests are run in the 'root' mode, check whether the
      DocumentRoot and its parent dirs are rwx before the tests are run and
      suggest possible workarounds when the tests are doomed to fail,
      because of the permission issues. [Stas]

      UPLOAD is now auto-exported, like the rest [David Wheeler

      Change the way the redirect_ok parameter works so that it affects only
      _that call_ to the function. Afterward it should revert to the old
      value of $RedirectOK. [David Wheeler <david@...>]

      Change user_agent() so that the LWP::UserAgent "requests_redirectable"
      parameter actually does something useful vis-à-vis $RedirectOK. [David
      Wheeler <david@...>]

      Apache::TestRequest API documenation [David Wheeler

      Enable TransferLog in the autogenerated httpd.conf only if
      mod_log_config is available [Stas]

      Stas Bekman JAm_pH ------> Just Another mod_perl Hacker
      http://stason.org/ mod_perl Guide ---> http://perl.apache.org
      mailto:stas@... http://use.perl.org http://apacheweek.com
      http://modperlbook.org http://apache.org http://ticketmaster.com
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