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676062.0.2 release is still broken for Apache2::PerlSections

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  • Randal L. Schwartz
    Oct 27 6:39 AM
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      I posted my bug report about two weeks ago. Just want to make sure
      that it's still active.

      For my installation, I'll have to continue the workaround of:

      use Apache2::PerlSections;
      BEGIN {
      *Apache2::PerlSections::dump_special = sub {
      my($self, @data) = @_;
      $self->add_config($_) for @data;

      That's one fix, or you could make add_config handle a list instead.
      I think this fix is closer to the docs, but the docs are a bit vague.

      Without this fix, setting @PerlConfig to a list of items ignores
      everything after the first. Ugh.

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