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  • Saurabh Soni
    Oct 26, 2005
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      Thanks Charlie for the pointer. It was a content-type problem. The external
      app was using text/plain while Apache2 by default requires

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      Good morning,

      On 21/10/05 at 7:37 PM +0530, Saurabh Soni <Saurabh.Soni@...>

      >I have an application (Apache 2.0.54, mod_perl 2.0.1, perl 5.8.7) which
      >serves POST requests by an external application. Each POST request has some
      >parameters which are required for further processing. The problem is that
      >CGI::param is unable to give me a parameter's value when invoked. This is
      >working fine with my old application (Apache 1.3.27, mod_perl 1, perl 5.6).
      >Interestingly, one of my server's variables POSTDATA contains these
      >parameters with values BUT in a query string, which I'll have to parse and
      >break. Am I missing something here? I have used Apache2::compat for
      >backwards compatibility.

      Make sure the request is sent with the correct mime type. I don't recall
      was required; I just remember that was my problem when I couldn't get at
      POSTDATA using CGI.pm. Search the CGI.pm code for 'POSTDATA'; you'll be able
      see the request header checks it does before setting the POSTDATA param.


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