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67554Re: bucketbrigades with html filter

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  • Jeff Ambrosino
    Oct 21, 2005
      I think the only conclusive answer is to try both and benchmark
      them... there may be some generalizations one can make about memory,
      hook/subroutine invocation overhead, etc., but ultimately you need to
      test both methods to see which is faster. And please share your
      findings if you decide to do this!


      On 10/20/05, eps com estem <ggerard@...> wrote:
      > Before this function i was not worrying about the possibility to have broken tags in this
      > handler. I say this because perhaps it is me, but i think to observe that now the output
      > is appreciably slower.
      > What's your opinion about to create a big bucket? As i understand, buckets were indeed
      > created to manage small pieces of info. I am doing the against. Is it very inefficient? Do
      > you suggest me to work on a streaming-approach?
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