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67526Re: bucketbrigades with html filter

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  • eps com estem
    Oct 18, 2005
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      With the reading of Apache_Clean module (which i see is streamed-oriented) and with ideas
      of Ambrosino, i am with this:

      sub handler : FilterRequestHandler {
      my($f, $bb) = @_;
      my $rv;

      unless ($f->ctx) {
      $f->ctx({html => ''});

      while (!$bb->is_empty) {
      my $b = $bb->first;

      if ($b->read(my $data)) {
      $f->ctx->{html} .= $data;

      if ($b->is_eos) {

      #new bucket brigade to be filled with modified buckets
      my $nbb = APR::Brigade->new($f->c->pool,$f->c->bucket_alloc);

      #new bucket, a unique and big bucket, is it efficient?
      $b = APR::Bucket->new($bb->bucket_alloc,$f->ctx->{html});

      $rv = $f->next->pass_brigade($nbb);


      return $rv unless $rv == APR::Const::SUCCESS;

      Despite considerations about the efficacy of this procedure (i really suspect that a
      streaming-oriented approach could be indeed more efficient, but i am an ignorant), i
      cannot get a valid response.

      I get the typical 500 internal server error with no entries in logs, so i guess is
      something about the return value.

      Note: I'm having problems with
      my $mm = Apache2::Request->new($apache);
      my $mm = Apache2::Request->new($apache,POST_MAX => '50000');

      Second line is causing the error: "Conflicting information". Very strange. 15 minutes
      before i had the same problem with
      my $mm = Apache2::Request->new($apache,POST_MAX => 50000);
      but i solved (during 10 minutes) with the commas
      my $mm = Apache2::Request->new($apache,POST_MAX => '50000');
      but now it appears again.

      Without it i am sure that the above filter funcion is running right.

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