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67523Re: bucketbrigades with html filter

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  • Jeff Ambrosino
    Oct 18, 2005
      The way to deal with this is to buffer as much content as you need
      (maybe the whole page) and then do your work on the buffer. Our
      application (HTTP output filter) buffers the stream as we go and
      stores it on the filter context ($f->ctx) across filter invocations.
      When we've seen $f->eos, then we do our actual manipulations on the
      buffer, and we're done. Depending on how soon you know you're done,
      you can even unhook your filter with $f->remove and let Apache send
      the rest of the output straight through.


      On 10/18/05, eps com estem <ggerard@...> wrote:
      > i ask myselfwhat will happens with a bucket with
      > "<%spe" and the next bucket with "cial%>".
      > I anticipate that the filter will not insert special content in that case.
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