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66186Re: Apache2::Cookie odd return values

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  • Philip M. Gollucci
    Aug 2, 2005
      Lets move this to apreq-dev (at) httpd.apache.org

      ** Remember to remove modperl@ from the reply list.

      > (mp 2.0.1, libapreq2-2.06-dev, httpd 2.0.51, Fedora Core 2)
      Not an issue, but httpd 2.0.54 is out since you're using the rest current :)

      > If you haven't time to read below but have some working cookie
      > read/write freeze/thaw code or URLs I'd be grateful!
      I don't know about freeze/thaw, but I wrote this FAQ :)

      > (I also tried using APR::Request::Cookie but it seems to be for Apache
      > experts only, quite a confusing interface)
      HA, I know you're not calling me an apache expert :)

      > Any help gratefully accepted,
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