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66162Re: Am I running mod perl 2?

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  • Joe Schaefer
    Aug 1, 2005
      Joe Schaefer <joe+gmane@...> writes:

      > Dominique Quatravaux <dom@...> writes:
      >> I would like a robust way of checking the mod_perl version (or lack
      >> thereof) of the *currently running* Perl interpreter. I did kludge up
      >> one, but it is rear-end ugly (see code at the end of my post in the
      >> other thread).
      >> Support from mod_perl itself (e.g. in the form of a running_version()
      >> XS sub) would be helpful and robust. Causing mod_perl2.pm to fail
      >> initialization when not running under mod_perl (using an XS detection
      >> kludge like mine, *not* $ENV{MOD_PERL}) would be a second best.
      > I like the second-best option, actually: IMO "require mod_perl2"
      > should throw an exception unless we're actually running under the
      > mod_perl.so interpreter.

      I should have pointed out tho that a change like this certainly
      shouldn't happen in mp2.0. For better or worse, we chose to use
      $ENV{MOD_PERL} to signal the runtime.

      Joe Schaefer
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