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66159Re: Am I running mod perl 2?

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  • Dominique Quatravaux
    Aug 1, 2005
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      Philip M. Gollucci wrote:

      > Okay So I read this thread.


      >> $ perl -Mmod_perl2 -e 'print $mod_perl2::VERSION' 2.000001
      > Why is that not trustworth ?

      Because we are obviously not *running* under mod_perl, but rather,
      from a command-line Perl interpreter. The $mod_perl2::VERSION method
      might be considered trustworthy enough for checking which version
      (assuming singular!) of mod_perl is *installed*, but nobody cares
      about that. One typically wants to know what version is *running* in
      the current interpreter, in order to adjust behavior accordingly.

      Case in point: when using Apache::DB from mod_perl 1.3 with mod_perl
      2.0 also installed on the same system, the following code (actual
      excerpt from Apache/DB.pm) obviously goes SNAFU.

      use constant MP2 => eval { require mod_perl2; $mod_perl::VERSION >
      1.99 };

      Things get worse if I e.g. want to make some code interoperable
      between standalone CGI and ModPerl::Registry (most likely the intent
      of the original poster in the current thread). Then my admittedly
      bizarre situation of having two mod_perls installed becomes irrelevant
      to the issue at hand. Even with a single, up-to-date mod_perl 2
      installed, any test based upon $mod_perl::VERSION would fail at
      discriminating between /usr/bin/perl and
      /usr/lib/apache2/modules/mod_perl.so. And $ENV{MOD_PERL} does not cut
      it either, for other reasons detailed in my previous post (wrong scoping).

      > Are you saying you want a onliner function to return the version
      > string absolutely regardless of which mod_perl or mod_perls are
      > installed.

      I would like a robust way of checking the mod_perl version (or lack
      thereof) of the *currently running* Perl interpreter. I did kludge up
      one, but it is rear-end ugly (see code at the end of my post in the
      other thread).

      Support from mod_perl itself (e.g. in the form of a running_version()
      XS sub) would be helpful and robust. Causing mod_perl2.pm to fail
      initialization when not running under mod_perl (using an XS detection
      kludge like mine, *not* $ENV{MOD_PERL}) would be a second best.

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