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66142Re: [Patch WIN32 apxs]

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  • Randy Kobes
    Jul 29, 2005
      On Fri, 22 Jul 2005, William A. Rowe, Jr. wrote:

      > For users of Randy's apxs win32 (v 0.2) here's my gross hack to get
      > it working again for 2.1-dev, 2.2. The binary has changed from
      > apache.exe to httpd.exe, causing some pain. However, it's specific,
      > I started generic but ran out of time (libapr-1.dll for example.)
      > Sorry for the crosspost, expect a few on each list to be most
      > interested in this.
      > Would like to see this in httpd 2.2 final. It looks like a wee bit
      > of overkill, and apr / apr-util / httpd really should each deposit
      > their own droppings in bin/, build/. Just no time to refactor this
      > week (hmmm... vacation time ahead ;-)
      > Bill

      Thanks, Bill! I've incorporated these changes in a
      new version, apxs_win32-0.3.tar.gz, at
      Please let me know of any problems.

      best regards,
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