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66119[JOB SEARCH] Looking for a new job

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  • Slava Bizyayev
    Jul 26, 2005
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      Hi Guys,

      Since my contract with Edison Schools, Inc. is over, I'm looking for the
      next job. I'm very thankful to Stathy Touloumis, who managed my work at
      Edison. It was my pleasure to work with Stathy and other talented
      programmers on the team.

      My next dream-job would be to develop an effective XML compression and
      make it Open Source. Then I would be happy to proceed with so-called
      effective content delivery through the proper combination of content
      compression, client-side content caching, and implementation of
      semi-static pages for dynamically generated content. Please let me know
      if someone would be willing to pay me for the development of this

      Alternatively, I can help you with your current needs in your commercial
      projects. Please do not hesitate to ask!

      I'm eligible to work in the US and other countries worldwide.

      Slava Bizyayev
      == ApacheCon 2005 == Stuttgart, Germany 18-22 July 2005
      Improving Web Performance with Dynamic Compression
      The same hardware, just 20 times faster. Friday, 22 July 2005, 10:30
      slava@... +44(0)208-923-5913 http://www.dynagzip.com
      slava@... +44(0)794-766-4131 - mobile AIM: SlavaBizyayev
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