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65773Re: Apache2 namespace

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  • Philip M. Gollucci
    Jul 3, 2005
      Jim Albert wrote:
      > For example, one piece of my code has
      > use Apache::Const
      > but I had to change that to use Apache2::Const on the server running the
      > lastest mod_perl.
      > Can you give me the logic to handle that properly in a single code file.
      > Thanks again.

      >>I think your key here is the MOD_PERL_API_VERSION environment >variable.
      >>BEGIN {
      >> if ( $ENV{MOD_PERL_API_VERSION} == 2 ) {
      >> # do mp2 stuff
      >> }
      Thats a start.

      The first to come to mind is
      Apache::DBI v 0.98 available here:


      AuthDBI.pm will give an a decent example.

      After looking at it again,

      BEGIN {
      if (MP2) {
      require Apache2::Const;
      Apache2::Const->import(-compile => qw(OK DECLINED));
      else {
      require Apache::Constants;
      Apache::Constants->import(qw(OK DECLINED));

      Should probably be: [I'll have to test it a little later]

      BEGIN {
      if (MP2) {
      require Apache2::Const;
      Apache2::Const->import(qw(OK DECLINED));
      else {
      require Apache::Constants;
      Apache::Constants->import(qw(OK DECLINED));

      you might also want to checkout:

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