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60248Re: make test hangs

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  • Stas Bekman
    Aug 8, 2004
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      William, please followup on all the emails. I don't think I've seen your
      followup to this post:
      Did I miss it?

      William Fulmer wrote:
      > The first test it hangs on is t/api/request_rec. The line of code it
      > stops on is pretty uncomplicated:
      > my $mtime = (stat __FILE__)[9]; #line 124
      > adding the -T under perl doesn't change a thing. I'm not quite sure
      > where to remove it for modperl so I haven't tried that. '

      remove -T from here
      t/conf/extra.conf.in:PerlSwitches -wT
      and now run it:
      t/TEST -conf
      t/TEST -v t/api/request_rec.t

      > I just realized that the bug report I sent was from the compile the
      > build without large file support in perl.

      > I did recompile apache with large file support sort of. There's no
      > configure option to enable it so I added -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE in the
      > ccflags. httpd still doesn't advertise that is supports large files.
      > The other thing I notice is that modperl doesn't respect perl's ccflags
      > (as advertised by perl -V). It drops the -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE. I forced
      > it in using MP_CCOPTS, but it didn't help.

      it's not enough, you need -D_FILE_OFFSET_BITS=64 as well, but I think it
      still not enough.

      > Let me just clarify things a bit regarding what does and does not work
      > for make test.
      > my perl 5.8.2 install with LFS works fine with modperl. compiles, test
      > and runs sucessfully.
      > perl 5.6.2 with LFS hangs in make test.
      > perl 5.6.2 without LFS finishes make test with errors.
      > The bug report that I sent earlier was from the perl 5.6.2 without LFS.
      > This one is from perl 5.6.2 with LFS. The apache doesn't advertise LFS
      > but it was compiled with -D_LARGEFILE_SOURCE:

      Because it's more than that. If Apache doesn't enable it, neither you
      should try to do that. Instead mod_perl should be compiled with a common
      denominator, i.e. w/o LFS. which it tries to do already.

      > Anything else I should try? Any other useful info I should provide?

      See the top of the email.

      > And of course the most important question, is this a fight worth
      > fighting? I expect most people are using MP2 with perl 5.8.x. I
      > unfortunately have some legacy perl modules with binary components that
      > have no src (should say the vendor won't release the src ;) ) that will
      > only work with 5.6.x. I'm happy to persue this, but I don't want to
      > waste too much of your time with this unless you see a benefit to the
      > community.

      It'd be nice to figure out what the problem is. We need to find some
      HPUX expert that can help you accomplish that.

      If you can followup on the email mentioned above, I think we may find
      some leads.

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