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60190Re: mod_perl2, HEAD request and Content-Length

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  • Geoffrey Young
    Aug 4 11:56 AM
      >> If httpd-dev doesn't do it, I suppose we can still implement it in mp2.
      > On a second thought, I think it's better not to add this special method
      > unless Apache does that.

      I fully agree.

      > Since in 99.99% cases one should not cause an
      > early headers sending, and for those special cases which go against the
      > Apache spec (sending no body for HEAD requests) we will simply document
      > a workaround. This is because the workaround may stop working in the
      > future and we will find ourselves in a bad situation.

      right - apache expects you to not do anything special for HEAD requests
      anymore, so if you mess with that contract you are messing with an
      unsupported feature, and mod_perl has no business supporting unsupported
      apache features through a new, mod_perl-specific API.


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