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60187Re: mod_perl2, HEAD request and Content-Length

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  • Stas Bekman
    Aug 4, 2004
      Stas Bekman wrote:
      >> Would a flush bucket be a great way to say "send headers now"?
      >> So if you're not going to send the actual content down the filter chain
      >> on a HEAD request, would sending a flush bucket make things happy?
      > It does.
      >> IIF this works, can I make a request the $r->send_http_header() be
      >> implemented in Apache2 to do just that? (create and pass a flush bucket)
      > Absolutely. But it'd be nice if you could first ask the httpd-dev list:
      > http://httpd.apache.org/lists.html#http-dev
      > if they are interested in adding the C API to do that.
      > If httpd-dev doesn't do it, I suppose we can still implement it in mp2.

      On a second thought, I think it's better not to add this special method
      unless Apache does that. Since in 99.99% cases one should not cause an
      early headers sending, and for those special cases which go against the
      Apache spec (sending no body for HEAD requests) we will simply document
      a workaround. This is because the workaround may stop working in the
      future and we will find ourselves in a bad situation.

      If Apache adds this method and documents it usage for the purposes
      similar to one discussed in this thread, then Apache will need to ensure
      that it'll work in the future. Therefore if you think send_http_header()
      is needed, please discuss that on the quoted above list, and depending
      on the outcome we will either provide the perl interface to it or simply
      document a workaround, which may or may not stop working in the future.

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