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  • David Hofmann
    Apr 1, 2004
      Currently I'm in the process of converting from Perl to Mod Perl.

      My server is Redhat Running Apache 1.3.27, Mod Perl 1.26, and Postgre SQL

      I have about 31-35 active process running during the busy hours.

      Our system use Perl to generate dynamic pages via the postgre database. 90%
      of our pages are generated this way. We have 1 user ID that all public web
      request use to access the database.

      On the back end I have several admin Perl scripts that we use to update the
      database and make changes to item descriptions. There currently 4 people
      that use it, and there soon to be 2 more. They each spend 3-6 hours a day
      actually entering and changing data.

      Currently most of the public side has been converted to Mod Perl. I'm
      debating on weather converting the Admin side is going to be good or bad for
      the server cause it means persistent 2 connections and I'm not sure how much
      load that will put on the server since the majority of the time the server
      not using the admin connection.

      Hope this kind of makes sense. Mainly I'm looking for advice on the


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