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55116Re: PATCH porting.pod "First Mystery"

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  • Jacob Fugal
    Oct 24, 2003
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      Geoffrey Young wrote:
      >> I know, as a newbie to the list,
      > welcome.


      > in general, this list is very welcoming to newbies. so, please don't
      > take what I'm about to say as being directed toward you...
      > ['elements of style' excerpts snipped]
      > you know, if y'all spent less time squibbling over minor grammatical
      > points, and instead channeled all this free energy and tuits into
      > augmenting the docs with new material, everyone would be better off.

      Agreed :) Unfortunately, I'm rather a beginner with modperl -- hence my
      subscription to this list -- and don't feel comfortable submitting
      documentation yet. But hopefully I can and will soon.

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