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51708Re: Ensim

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  • Victor Tsang
    May 8, 2003
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      We here suffer from the same problem, and have since changed our restart
      code to do 'stop' and 'start' instead which cure the problem. I have
      never digged deep into this, but one thing we realize is the restart
      command doesn't terminate the parent process, it only terminate all
      children and request parent to reload.


      Michael Koob wrote:
      > The increase is very consistent on each restart and approximately the
      > same as the size of the Perl modules imported. This makes sense. What I
      > can't understand is why I seem to be getting a fresh set of Perl
      > modules/memory on each restart. I will review the archives though.
      > Thx
      > Michael
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      > From: Ged Haywood [mailto:ged@...]
      > Sent: Tuesday, May 06, 2003 8:10 PM
      > To: Michael Koob
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      > Subject: RE: Ensim
      > Hi there,
      > On Tue, 6 May 2003, Michael Koob wrote:
      > > Has anyone else noticed that in this environment that restarts of
      > > Apache cause the memory usage of the process increase on each restart.
      > > I have not noticed this in any other environment and suspect that it
      > > may have to due with the ENSIM configuration.
      > I've seen this and I'm sure it's been mentioned before, on this List,
      > outside the Ensim setup. Check the List archives. The last time I saw
      > it mentioned was a couple of years ago I think. It was never a big
      > problem, how big are the increases?
      > 73,
      > Ged.
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