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  • Marc Slagle
    May 6, 2003
      We use Ensim for one of our mod_perl platforms. It was a bit odd to
      configure at first, but heres what we do:

      Make sure you have the CPAN module installed and then install all the
      modules you'll need (Apache::DBI) etc. You can get at the main apache conf
      file in /etc/httpd/conf. The bottom of the file contains the includes for
      the virtual hosts. You can place your own includes for a startup.pl in the
      file as usual.

      Each hosts configuration lives in its own sub-directory under
      /etc/httpd/conf. The have names like "siteXX", where XX would be some
      number. If you cant figure out which directory is for the site you are
      configuring, you can have a look under /home/virtual. The actual
      directories the files live in are there, along with a bunch of links. The
      links will be the names of your configured sites. You should be able to get
      the name of your configuration directory via ls -l.

      Once you know what "siteXX" folders your site lives in, you can go back to
      /etc/httpd/conf/siteXX. There will be several files in that directory. You
      can create any filename you want to be included in the <virtualhost> block
      of httpd.conf. When the server is restarted it'll grab every file in that

      An example of the default mod_perl file under your site configuration would

      [root@ensim site67]# more mod_perl
      <IfModule mod_perl.c>
      Alias /perl /home/virtual/site67/fst/var/www/perl
      <Directory /home/virtual/site67/fst/var/www/perl>
      Allow from All
      AllowOverride All
      Order allow,deny
      Options +ExecCGI

      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlHandler Apache::Registry
      PerlSendHeader On

      SetEnv SITE_PERL /home/virtual/site67/fst/var/www/perl

      One we added to make the site be handled by our module was:

      <IfModule mod_perl.c>
      Alias / /home/virtual/site67/fst/var/www/perl/
      PerlSetVar region cincinnati
      PerlSetVar tmplpath /home/virtual/site67/fst/var/www
      <Directory /home/virtual/site67/fst/var/www/perl/>
      SetHandler perl-script
      PerlHandler Our::Handler
      Allow from All
      AllowOverride All
      Order allow,deny
      Options +ExecCGI
      SetEnv SITE_PERL /home/virtual/site67/fst/var/www/perl/

      Once you do that you're all set. Since there isnt an apachectl program
      anywhere to be found to check the configuration of your apache config files,
      you'll need to run /usr/sbin/httpd -t, and then restart apache through the
      Ensim web console.

      One note: make backup copies of the files you create under the
      /etc/httpd/conf/siteXX directory, since Ensim can overwrite those files if
      you change anything via the web console for that site.

      Hope that helps get you started.

      Marc Slagle

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      From: "Angie Ahl" <angie@...>
      To: <modperl@...>
      Sent: Monday, May 05, 2003 6:49 AM
      Subject: Ensim

      > Hi guys (and gals)
      > I'm Complete newbie to Linux/Perl/and Mod_perl
      > (No it's not that bad ;)
      > I have used apache on OSX for a couple of years now and happy in
      httpd.conf /
      > command line
      > I'm a long time Lasso user looking for something more OO and tied into
      > and it's got to do regex really really well. I think I found the right
      > I'm currently terrified of having to recompile Apache and mod_perl as I'm
      on one
      > of these ensim box things. which seems to have a perl for the box and one
      > site. I am the owner of the box, but I want to have as little impact on
      > sites (that don't use mod_perl) as possible.
      > Got mod_perl working, but only with apache:registry, apache:DBI would
      appear to
      > not be there for the whole server (not in any of the @inc's that I can
      > Are there any Ensim users out there who could just point me in the right
      > direction, would I be right in saying seeing as Mod_perl is installed and
      > working (I checked the environment things are running through mod_perl)
      that I
      > can just add a path to where I want to put my modules to perl's @INC and
      > continue as normal.
      > Sorry if I sound like a complete newbie in some respects (mod_perl) I
      > am.
      > But I will persevere and get this working....
      > any tips from ensim users most welcome
      > PS feel free to say RTFM... if you could suggest which Manual and which
      > that would be even better. I've got about 5 books and the online docs
      > permanently open at this time.
      > Thanks so much
      > Angie
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