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  • Michael Koob
    May 5 5:44 AM
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      Have to agree with Tom. If you don't have need to allow large numbers of
      users control their sites and configs then ditch the ENSIM. If you do
      then it is a useful tool and can minimize some headaches. However, it
      certainly takes some getting used to and I would really recommend
      installing another Apache instance for mod_perl if you decide to keep
      ENSIM. This allows you to put both pieces of software to their best use
      without too much interaction between the them.


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      Subject: RE: Ensim

      > > Are there any Ensim users out there who could just point me in the
      > > right direction
      > Could you find out a little more about your box and let us
      > know what else you have in there? A quick glance at the
      > Ensim web site wasn't particularly informative. Nor inspiring:
      > "Where other software providers fail, Ensim has the expertise
      > to deliver professional software to professional hosting
      > businesses. With a seasoned executive management team and
      > strong backing from leading members of the investment
      > community, only Ensim has the products, technology,
      > customers, partners and resources to lead and deliver the
      > next generation of professional hosting solutions."
      > Yuk.

      Personally, I ditched ensim on my box and just did a complete rebuild of
      Apache/1.3.27 with mod_perl/1.27. I abandoned Ensim's directory
      structure for a pure and simple one that doesn't depart too much from
      the default Apache config. This directory structure can grow in
      complexity according to MY requirements and understanding, and NOT
      according to some flaky commercial 3rd party software.

      I can envisage Ensim being useful for a linux box being used for
      reselling domain space, and by an administrator who has a fear of the
      command line that cannot be overcome (ie., they need a web interface).
      However, for any other scenario I cannot understand why you would need
      to keep Ensim. Sure, some web hosts pre-install it on their linux boxes
      (like mine did), but if you have full root access (like I do), I see no
      reason why you should keep ensim around. I don't like dictators... you
      have nothing to lose but your chains.

      Of course, if you don't have full root access it's another story.

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