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  • Angie Ahl
    May 5, 2003
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      Hi guys (and gals)

      I'm Complete newbie to Linux/Perl/and Mod_perl

      (No it's not that bad ;)

      I have used apache on OSX for a couple of years now and happy in httpd.conf /
      command line

      I'm a long time Lasso user looking for something more OO and tied into apache,
      and it's got to do regex really really well. I think I found the right thing.

      I'm currently terrified of having to recompile Apache and mod_perl as I'm on one
      of these ensim box things. which seems to have a perl for the box and one per
      site. I am the owner of the box, but I want to have as little impact on other
      sites (that don't use mod_perl) as possible.

      Got mod_perl working, but only with apache:registry, apache:DBI would appear to
      not be there for the whole server (not in any of the @inc's that I can find).

      Are there any Ensim users out there who could just point me in the right
      direction, would I be right in saying seeing as Mod_perl is installed and
      working (I checked the environment things are running through mod_perl) that I
      can just add a path to where I want to put my modules to perl's @INC and then
      continue as normal.

      Sorry if I sound like a complete newbie in some respects (mod_perl) I totally

      But I will persevere and get this working....

      any tips from ensim users most welcome

      PS feel free to say RTFM... if you could suggest which Manual and which page
      that would be even better. I've got about 5 books and the online docs
      permanently open at this time.

      Thanks so much

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