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51160Re: OT: OO data design and search performance

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  • Perrin Harkins
    Apr 11, 2003
      On Fri, 2003-04-11 at 06:20, Clinton Gormley wrote:
      > What about this issue : Locations form the first 6 levels of my object
      > tree, linked with parent-child relationships, so
      > World->Continent->Country->Region->City->District. Then (eg) places to
      > stay are linked to Districts.
      > You may want to find all Places to Stay in Syria - would it make sense
      > here to have a flattened hierarchy (purely for searching rather than as
      > the primary storage), or to still dynamically find all descendants of
      > Syria? (Especially given that this filter would be applied with every
      > search)

      Flattening essentially caches the work of finding all descendants, so
      naturally it will be faster. Given that you are already building a
      search index, I would go ahead and add this as well.

      - Perrin
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