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Fw: Learning from Hadith how to treat News

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      Subject: Learning from Hadith how to treat News

      Latest Khutba:

      Learning from Hadith how to treat News

      Mumbai: Understanding the Media bias:
      Did you ever see the Horrors of Kashmir on your TV screens?
      U.S. Ally India is being hurt in Mumbai, taken by surprise:
      Hence non-stop TV Coverage


      November 28, 2008:   Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave a juma khutba in Baltimore . The main points are listed here for national and international distribution. Please pass it on to your lists.  

      Text for Part I of the Khutba:
      "Whenever news of any matter comes to them, whether concerning peace or war, they spread it about. If they referred it to the Messenger and those in authority among them, those seeking its meaning would have found it out from them. If it were not for Allah's bounty and mercy towards you, almost all of you would have followed Satan." [The Qur'an 4:83] 

      "The Messenger of Allah, peace be on him, said: It is enough for a person to be considered a liar that he narrates whatever he has heard without investigation. " [Hadith, Sahih Muslim]

      • We must learn from the Qur'an and the Hadith how to process the information we have received. At this time, the situation is urgent because TV and the Internet are pumping news and info into homes across the continent.
      • Islam teaches us to investigate the sources of info. Muslims should know that major media are OWNED by big corporations which don't care one jot for the masses of people inAmerica and globally.
      • The corporate media are then manipulated and controlled by Zionist cliques.
      • The major media tell lies by OMISSION.
      • Notice AFRICA . In countries like South Africa, Uganda andKenya , nearly 25% of the population is infected with HIV leading to AIDS and slow death. Mass death on this scale, if happening in a European country, would have led to the declaration of national, continental and global emergency.
      • Instead we find that AFRICA is NOT IN THE NEWS at all. Bush claims that he wants to give $200 million to Africa . [Divide it by 20 countries: It comes to $10 million per country!] He spends $1 BILLION EVERY WEEK in Iraq and send BILLIONS every year toIsrael . This ONE Jewish country gets more from Bush than ALL of Africa combined.
      • Look at the bombing ofIraq . One milion dead. Anything on TV? No! Look at the Afghan villages bombed by B-52s, the greatest act of tyranny in human history. Any coverage on the media? Zero.
      • ALL of GAZA has been turned into a concentration camp by the Jews. Any TV coverage of Gaza ? Very little and that is by independents, not by the corporate media.
      • The Red Mosque and the Women's Seminary of Jamia Hafsa were attacked by the Pakistani army with the full backing of the U.S. andIsrael . Any U.S. TV coverage? Zero! [Even the Christian Science Monitor did not know what had happened.]
      • Look at Somalia . The greatest human tragedy of our times is underway. More than 400,000 people have been driven away from their homes by Ethiopian occupation forces backed by the U.S. Starvation has set in. Any major media TV coverage? Zero!
      • The Zionists claimed that only ONE of Sudan 's 13 provinces, named Darfur , was undergoing genocide. The story was started by a Hindu sitting in the U.N. Soon it was on every TV screen. The claim was made that "Arabs" were killing "Black Africans." It was a lie which was soon exposed but the media are still repeating it. [ALL Sudanese are Black Africans!]

      Text for Part II of the khutba:

      "O you who believe! if a corrupt person comes to you with any news, investigate it, lest you harm people unwittingly and afterwards become full of repentance for what you have done." [The Qur'an 49:6]

      "Abdullah ibn Mas'ud [r.a.] narrates that Satan appears in human shape and in front of a crowd tells a lie. The crowd disperses after a while and from among it some persons start narrating that they heard a man, whom they say they recognize, name unknown, was saying so and so." [Sahih Muslim.]

      • Now come to Mumbai , India . For three straight days [Nov. 26, 27, 28] the corporate media have been reporting the attacks on Mumbai NON-STOP around the clock, as if America is under attack.
      • They do not discuss WHY the attacks have taken place. In three days, the word KASHMIR has not even been mentioned.
      • Why is this small group of fighters attacking high value Indian targets where these targets coincide with India 's relationship with the U.S. andIsrael ?
      • In the background of India 's image as a "democracy" is the horror show in Kashmir which has become permanent over more than three decades.
      • Why Mumbai? Shouldn't the media provide some context? In journalism, background is essential. Things don't just happen.
      • Obviously, the attack on Mumbai will hurt India 's economy and its ability to generate funds for military power.
      • Fact number one: There are hundreds of thousands of Indian military forces occupying Kashmir which is a Muslim country. This is several times more than the 150,000 U.S. troops occupying Iraq and 40,000 NATO troops inAfghanistan .
      • Indian troops have broken into just about every Muslim home in Kashmir in the last three decades. More than 400,000 Kashmiris have become refugees in Pakistan and many thousands more overseas.
      • Thousands of Kashmiris have been murdered in cold blood by the Indian, Hindu-dominated military and the police. Tens of thousands have been tortured and mutilated.
      • Human rights groups have documented the fact that India uses RAPE as a weapon to crush the Muslims of Kashmir, somewhat like the Serbs did in Bosnia . Owing to lack of media coverage, American women are not protesting these horrors.
      • India is humiliating the Kashmiri people by holding fake "elections" in Kashmir , by paying the collaborators and those near starvation, while it holds the masses of people under its military heel.
      • Then we have Mumbai. The coverage presents a grim picture of  carnage. Careful study shows that the 22 people who attacked, first repulsed India 's best police forces, killing its anti-terrorism chief and its Deputy inspector General of Police.
      • One reason for the extensive coverage in the USA could be that Israelis were targeted. These assailants are scary fighters: One of them held off an Indian battalion alone for a whole day
      • We Muslims should say that all terrorism should be opposed. Terrorism by the strong should not be ignored while terrorism by the weak and poorly armed is turned into a tragic TV drama.
      • Muslim groups in theU.S. , especially the rich elitist groups, rushed off to support the major media version of events even on the first day. I am also receiving emails from India , from the Muslim elites, full of similar expressions.
      • This defensive attitude is like the American saying: "I don't beat my wife." Or the Pakistani who said: "Main jooti chor nahin hoon" when he picked up someone else's shoes from the mosque.
      • We U.S. Muslims obey the law. We pay our taxes and we care for our neighbors. We must analyze the wars taking place coolly and without trying to justify our existence as Muslims or thinking that we have to condemn Muslims overseas.
      • Study a few verses of the Qur'an every day. Study at least one Hadith every day.
      • Apply the Hadith test: Who is the source? to all information.

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      Indian occupation forces in Srinagar , occupied Kashmir . The shops are all shuttered owing to a general strike by the Kashmiri people to oppose the fake elections India is holding. This photo was taken only a few days before the fighters attacked the Taj hotel, etc in  Mumbai , India .


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