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Fwd: A good deed never goes to waste in the sight of Allah Azza wa Jal.

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    ... From: Muneer Khandwalla Date: 29 June 2013 19:56 Subject: A good deed never goes to waste in the sight of Allah Azza wa Jal. To:
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    Date: 29 June 2013 19:56
    Subject: A good deed never goes to waste in the sight of Allah Azza wa Jal.
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    A good deed never goes to waste in the sight of Allah Azza wa Jal.


    "I wish to narrate to you an amazing incident which happened in the past that made me speechless this morning. But before I mentioned what happened this morning, I wish to enlighten you all of an incident that happened back in the past.


    It was 2005 in Jeddah, I had just finished classes with Shaykh Abdullah al-Jibreen rahimahullah Ta'ala and I was walking to the bus stand for the purpose of leaving to Makkah (Umm ul-Qura).


    As i was nearing the bus halt, i heard some heckling noises and the screech of a woman. I saw some youths who seemed my age running and making fun of a niqabi woman. And from her screech i knew it was out of pain of being ridiculed. I was angered at what i saw and made haste towards them.


    I angrily inquired as to what was going on. The youth replied as saying that this woman was a prostitute and she frequents this area and that they were chasing her away. I exclaimed that i did not see them chasing her away, rather what i witnessed was them teasing her and making fun of her. They were trying to justify their actions.


    I told the youth "By Allah, this woman’s heart may be better in the sight of Allah than mine or yours!, what makes you this judgmental and so satanic? Fear Allah Azza wa Jal and don’t heckle and make fun of people, what if Allah were to grant you wives and daughters who turned out this way! SubhanaAllah brothers Fear Allah please." The youth sought forgiveness from the woman and they apologized and left.


    The woman told me that she did not mean to do these things but circumstances have pushed her to do so.


    I advised her to Fear Allah and repent to Him. He Loves when His Slaves repent and He Forgives all sins. I told her that it is from your choice that you are doing this evil (i.e. Zina) and that the monies you are earning is all fire. You’re feeding your family and yourself fire! So Fear Allah and repent and do a halal livelihood so that Allah will grant you His Blessings. I didn’t wait for her response, I left.


    When i completed today’s class, a woman approached me while i was still seated on the chair with the students and she said to me whether I remembered her. I said that I don’t move with women nor do I see their faces so I’m sorry you must be mistaken.


    She said, "no sheikh, you were the one who defended me from those youth in Jeddah, from the time you told me those words, i changed my life and i had to go through much difficulties but I never resorted to haram means. I have a son now with my husband and we are happy." I said MashaAllah, Alhamdulillah that she amended her ways. She further said "when you left and I saw you board the bus, i made Dura to Allah that He should make you a wise scholar and make you graduate in Makkah or Madeenah and make you a person who helps others always".


    When she said these words i was stunned, shocked! My head being downcast tears welling up in my eyes. Allah Azza wa Jal had answered the dua of the zani (prostitute)!


    Never judge another person’s situation and ridicule and say bad things for indeed we do not know what is in their hearts. Their hearts may be purer than ours, we need to kindly advise them to what is righteous and good. With kind advise, a zani became a salihah by the Grace of Allah. Indeed All Praise and Glory is for Allah, The King of Kings!


    Muhammad Nabeel As-Seylani Al-Athari.




    So touching mashaAllah... May we have a heart to help those in need regardless of their social rank.




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