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FW: Question Time: a Live Q&A session with Sheikh Nuh Ali Salman

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  • Qaisar Latif
    From: SunniPath Outreach [mailto:outreach@sunnipath.com] Sent: 01 May 2010 18:10 To: Subject: Question Time: a Live Q&A session with Sheikh Nuh Ali Salman
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      Question Time: A Live Q&A with Sheikh Nuh Ali Salman



      From: SunniPath Outreach [mailto:outreach@...]
      Sent: 01 May 2010 18:10
      Subject: Question Time: a Live Q&A session with Sheikh Nuh Ali Salman



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      Question Time: With Sheikh Nuh Ali Salman


      Do you have a serious question about Islam and don't know who to ask. Are you looking for sound practical advice, in dealing with complicated issues? Is it hard to find a scholarly person to turn to? Who not only has the credentials to answer you, but also has decades of wisdom and understanding. SunniPath has the answer, Question Time!

      We at SunniPath Academy are delight to bring you The Grand Mufti, Emeritus of the Kingdom of Jordan HE. Shaykh Nuh Ali Salam Al-Qudah. Sheikh Nuh previously served as the Grand Mufti of Jordan, The Mufti of the Jordanian Armed Forces, and The Jordanian Ambassador to Iran. While he has issued legal rulings at the highest level, he also possesses a unique ability to deal with people and problems on all walks of life. He is considered one of the world's leading Islamic Scholars.

      We invite you to join us this on Sunday, May 2nd at 5pm GMT for our third and final session of Question Time with The Grand Mufti.

      How to Ask a Question:

      Before the session begins, you can submit your questions on http://www.SunniPath.com/QuestionTime/ by clicking on the "Enter Question Time" button. You can also ask questions live during the session itself. A SunniPath teacher will serve as a live translator.

      How to Attend the Live Session:

      Pre-registration is not required to attend the live sessions. However, there is limited seating and attendance is on a first come, first serve basis. To attend, simply go to http://www.SunniPath.com/QuestionTime/ and click on the "Enter Question Time" button.

      Please note the following:

      • You must be a registered SunniPath user to attend the session. If you don't have a SunniPath account, go here to get one for free.
      • If you get disconnected from the session, you may not be able to get a seat when you return. Hence, we strongly advise you to use a wired connection.
      • In order to allow the maximum number of people to benefit, we encourage to attend the session in groups.

      Listen to the Previous Recording of Question Time

      Questions answered were on the following topics:

      • Adoption
      • Abusive father-in-law
      • Hijab and its proofs
      • Conditions of being a Mufti
      • Waking children for the Fajr prayer
      • Disciplining children

      You can watch the recording here.

      Biography of Sheikh Nuh Ali Salman

      Sheikh Nuh Ali Salman al-Qudah was born in 1939 near Ajlun, Jordan. After studying Sacred Law, grammar and tenets of faith from his father, in 1954 he left to study in Damascus, Syria, at the Islamic preparatory and secondary schools of al-Jama'iyya al Ghurra'. He studied traditional texts with such sheikhs as Abd al-Karim al-Rafai. Ahmad al-Basrawi, Abd al-Razzaq al-Himsi, Nayyif al-Abbas, Mahmud al-Ranqusi, and Muhammad Khayr al-Shamma. He then attended the College of Sacred Law at the University of Damascus and studied under Mustafa al-Zarqa, Wahbi Al-Zuhayli, Abd al Fattah Abu Ghudda, and others. He graduated in 1965 and returned to Jordan where he joined the armed forces and became their mufti in 1972. He then traveled to Cairo, where he received a master's degree from the prestigious al-Azhar University in 1980. In 1986, he received his doctorate from the University of Imam Muhamamad ibn Sa’ud in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

      Event Timing

      This event will be on Sunday, May 2nd, from 5:00–6:00pm GMT. Directly below is a list of the starting time in different time zones throughout the world:

      • 10:00am PST - LA, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix, Vancouver
      • 11:00am MST - Denver, Salt Lake City, Edmonton
      • 12:00 noon CST - Chicago, St. Louis, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis
      • 1:00pm EST - NYC, Philadelphia, D.C., Atlanta, Miami, Toronto
      • 5:00pm - Casablanca
      • 6:00pm - London, Dublin
      • 7:00pm - Oslo, Copenhagen, Brussels
      • 8:00pm - Amman, Istanbul, Jerusalem, Cairo, Johannesburg, Mecca, Medina
      • 9:00pm - Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Baghdad, Doha, Moscow
      • 10:00pm - Karachi, Lahore
      • 10:30pm - Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi
      • 12:00 midnight - Jakarta
      • 1:00am (Monday) - Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur
      • 2:00am (Monday) - Tokyo
      • 3:00am (Monday) - Sydney, Melbourne

      Click here to convert to your timezone.



      Need Assistance?

      In addition to submitting tickets through SunniPath Helpdesk, you can now reach one of our Student Counselors who are specialized in admissions, registration, and technical support and are happy to assist you. Our staff are trained in and are focused on providing you the best possible service with the logistical support you need for your courses and degrees.

      SunniPath Numbers:

      • +1 800 659 1284 (Toll-Free number for US and Canada only)
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      Office Hours:

      7 AM to 2 PM GMT (Tuesday and Wednesday)
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