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The House of Mirth

Edith Wharton writes well. Read this with interest even though it is about a social strata that I don't belong to. Twists and turns, but this is ultimately a
Oct 23, 2009

Under the Volcano

I thought this was a picture of despair. It was beautifully written in many places, but I did not find it that involving. What did anyone else who has read it
Nov 7, 2007

Re: Introduction

Welcome to the group, Niclas. I am afraid it is not a very active one. My favorites from the list so far include Portnoy's Complaint, the Moviegoer, and I
Henry McFarland
Oct 19, 2007


Hi all! My name is Niclas and I've recently joined this group. I'm 35 and originally from Sweden but now lives in Taipei, Taiwan with my wife. I've always been
Oct 19, 2007

SPOILER The Way of All Flesh

At the outset I need to confess that I did not finish the book. That said, I really didn't like it. It just seemed more of the poor me put upon by society's
Terry Slivinski
Sep 30, 2007

Off Topic: Good Reads

A member from another group that I belong to recommended this blog site that is strictly for books and readers. It is called Good Reads, and like it alot. It
Judy Dague
Sep 4, 2007


I finished it, never having read it in school (don't know why they didn't assign it) anyway, it is still a bit frightening. There are so many connections to
Terry Slivinski
Aug 30, 2007

Hello Kim

Welcome to the group. I hope you will enjoy it here. Terry S.
Terry Slivinski
Aug 8, 2007

New Member

Hi Everyone! My name is Kim and I am 35 years old and the mom of two wonderful teens, my son is 15 and my daughter is 14. Very scary but soo much fun too. I
Aug 7, 2007

Re: [ModernLibrary 100 Greatest Books] Henry you were right

Glad you liked it, Terry. There is a sequel, Claudius the God, which I also liked. I am afraid I have fallen off our reading schedule, but I am about to start
Henry McFarland
Jul 16, 2007

Henry you were right

I Claudius was wonderful. I loved it. The Author really got inside the mind of Claudius. I enjoyed the first person way of writing. It was also a quick read. I
Terry Slivinski
Jul 16, 2007

Re: [ModernLibrary 100 Greatest Books] I just got back

Hi Henry, I remember watching I Claudius I don't remember the sequel. It was on one of the PBS stations. I will let you know what I think. Thanks for the heads
Terry Slivinski
Jun 22, 2007

Re: [ModernLibrary 100 Greatest Books] I just got back

I remember some years ago there was a TV series based on I Claudius and its sequel, Claudius the God. I thought it was very good. The series got me to read the
Henry McFarland
Jun 21, 2007

I just got back

from a trip to the library and brought home I Claudius which I will put in the line up. There is one book ahead of it and SEVERAL behind it. I will let you
Terry Slivinski
Jun 21, 2007

Re: SPOILER; To the Lighthouse SPOILER

I also felt that the author's depression was coming through in this book. I had known that she completed suicide. It really seems like such a terrible waste
Terry Slivinski
Jun 19, 2007
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